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Penny Carlson

• Covered California • Medicare Advantage • Medicare Supplement • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans • Medi-Medi

Penny joined Bridlewood Insurance in 2014. Penny became interested in insurance while assisting her husband in his work and being a caretaker for her mother-in-law. The benefit of her experience and continuing education is invaluable. Her goal with Medicare is to make it simple, clear and a painless experience with satisfying results. Her ability to listen to people carefully to better understand their preferences, their doctors & specialists, their prescription medications and their budget for health insurance is essential to quality customer service.

Penny Carlson is a native from California, born and raised in Orange County. She worked at Disneyland (Club 33), and was a controller in an architectural firm. Penny met her husband on a blind date 25 years ago, and they have two children. They share the love of cooking (and eating), gardening, and traveling. Penny also enjoys painting and knitting.

Vista, CA 3600.2 mi

Bernie Ellebrecht

• Medicare Advantage • Medicare Supplement • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

Bernie has more than 24 years experience in the insurance industry.  For many of those 24 years, he has focused on Medicare insurance, and matching the most appropriate plan designed to meet each individual client’s needs.  Bernie has been with Bridlewood since it’s very first days, when there were only 10 agents. His passion is working with seniors like himself, making Medicare easy to understand and navigate through.

Bernie grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, and joined the Marine Corps right out of high school.  He was stationed in San Diego, and after serving in Vietnam and leaving the Marine Corps, he decided to make San Diego his home.  His wife, Barb, is also an agent with Bridlewood.  They have two sons, 7 grandchildren and 4 parrots.  Bernie and Barb love to travel, and they belong to several wine clubs and enjoy visiting them for a glass of wine.

Vista, CA 3600.2 mi

Ron Coyle

• Medicare Advantage • Medicare Supplement • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

Ron has had a successful life insurance business as an independent agent for the past 23 years. As time has progressed he has come to recognize the growing need that individuals of his generation have in understanding all the options available to back up Original Medicare coverage. With Bridlewood’s full range of Medicare Advantage, Supplemental and Prescription Drug Plans Ron firmly believes there is no better place to provide for this service.

A California native, Ron has been a Vista resident since 1975. Married to his lovely wife Nannette for 36 years, they have two sons and three grandchildren.
A lifelong waterman, he and his family have shared many adventurous travels while surfing, diving and fishing throughout the Pacific region. He regularly mountain-bikes the backcountry trails of North County to “keep the heart and lungs strong”.

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Vista, CA 3600.2 mi

Evelyn Frazier

• Medicare Advantage • Medicare Supplement • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

Medicare Agent


With more than 20 years of experience as an independent health insurance agent in San Diego, Evelyn joined the Bridlewood team in the summer of 2014. Evelyn’s specialty is working with seniors to demystify the complex Medicare system and to help find the best options for each senior’s unique situation. Most people need a trusted, knowledgeable agent to guide them through the process, answer questions and to be there when they need help. “I’ve spent my entire insurance career building trusted relationships.”

Evelyn has lived in San Diego County for 53 years. She is married to Wayne a CPA in private practice and they have two grown sons, Kevin & Nathan, and Wayne spend their spare time gardening, cooking and they enjoy helping friends, family and the community.

San Diego, CA 3600.5 mi

Melissa McIntyre

• Medicare Advantage • Medicare Supplement • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans • Medi-Medi

Melissa attended Cal State University at Long Beach.  Over her years working in the Medicare field, she has been the Sales Coordinator for SCAN Health Plan, a Medicare Agent for UnitedHealthcare, and is now an independent agent with Bridlewood Insurance.  She specializes in Medicare Advantage plans, Supplement/Medigap plans, and Part D prescription drug plans.  Bridlewood Insurance has an excellent reputation in San Diego, and she had no hesitation in joining their team.  Melissa felt it was time for her to grow as an agent, and they were a clear choice.  Melissa loves that she gets to help people get into Medicare, and help simplify what can seem like an overwhelming process.  She says it feels good to be able to save people money, time and stress as they transition into Medicare.

Originally from San Ramon, California, she has also lived in Italy for 11 years, Antigua, Mexico, and Turks and Caicos.  Melissa is married to Glen McIntyre who is also in Medicare.  They have a daughter Stella, 11 years old, and a son Samuel who is 9 years old.  They also have two cute kitties, Hannah and Callie, to round out their family.  Melissa is a regular blood donor and a school volunteer. She generally is a ‘kindness counts’ type of person, loves to travel, go to Pilates, and walk outdoors.

San Diego, CA 3601.2 mi

Glen McIntyre

• Medicare Advantage • Medicare Supplement • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans • Medi-Medi

San Diego, CA 3601.2 mi

Carmen Saunders

• Bilingual • Covered California • Medicare Advantage • Medicare Supplement • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans • Medi-Medi

Carmen has been a proud member of the Bridlewood Insurance team since 2014. She is a Licensed Health Insurance Agent and continues to “make a difference in people’s lives” by helping Seniors have access to the Medicare Advantage, PDPs, and Supplemental Plans that best fit their individual needs.  Carmen’s specialty is helping those who may be a little confused as to how to enroll in Medicare and what plan to choose. She is a good listener and can easily help people sort through the “maze” of Medicare so they can make an informed decision and be able to choose a health plan that is the best for them. She chose Bridlewood because of its ethical and professional reputation and she truly enjoys being of service and helping others.  Meeting with new clients and answering their questions is the favorite part of her job.  She enjoys helping people and she takes her job very seriously, by always providing her clients with outstanding customer service.  She is always avaialble for them.

Carmen was born in Puerto Rico and has lived in California since 1984.  She lived in San Bernardino, then Escondido and now resides in Oceanside.   She has a B.A. from the University of Puerto Rico and an M.S. from Florida International University. Carmen is a retired teacher & high school counselor and a licensed real estate agent since 2002. She moved to San Diego County in 1996 with her husband, Gary, and their son and daughter.  She now has 2 beautiful grandkids who live in Los Angeles county.  They love spending time with them, but it has been a little more difficult now, with social distancing, so they have adapted by texting and doing Zoom calls.  Her favorite hobby is photography.  She also enjoys taking pictures and submitting them to the San Diego County Fair and other contests. Due to the present circumstances, she is not able to go out and take a lot of pictures so, she spends a lot of time in the kitchen, experimenting and preparing new recipes. Luckily, her husband enjoys her cooking, so this encourages her to continue to try new recipes whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and of course, last but not least, desserts. Bon appetit!

Oceanside, CA 3603.2 mi

Dawn Watson

• Covered California • Final Expense • Health • Medicare Advantage • Medicare Supplement • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans • Medi-Medi • Life

Dawn is an established insurance professional who prides herself on supporting her customers and loves the challenge that Medicare provides. At Bridlewood, Dawn feels great satisfaction when helping her clients understand their Medicare options. Dawn began her career working in both the investor and marketing departments at a real estate company until the market crashed in 1987. Dawn has been very successful selling Aflac supplemental insurance for the last 14 years. She is also certified to sell insurance through Covered California.

Dawn earned her degree in psychology from UC Irvine in 1981. Dawn spends her free time working out, spending time at the beach and bay, visiting with friends, and family, and playing with her three cats! She also has a side business selling Juice Plus+ and is very passionate about health and fitness.

San Diego, CA 3604 mi

Tom Valdez

• Covered California • Medicare Advantage • Medicare Supplement • Life

With every client, Tom has 3 goals: Be helpful, be transparent, be honest. He believes that it’s the only way to conduct business.

Tom has the heart of a teacher and has spent the last 10 years of his insurance career helping people understand difficult concepts. Medicare is complicated, and Tom is willing to take you into the deep end if you like knowing the nitty-gritty. Or, if you don’t want to get into all that – you just want to stay in shallow water – he’ll give you just the bare-bones of what you need to know so that you don’t drown in the Medicare pool. If you’re looking for an agent to help you for the long haul, he’ll be here for another 25-30 years!

On a personal note, Tom has lived in San Diego since 2015, but has roots in the Seattle area. He is married with 3 kids and loves spending time outdoors with them at the beach and various parks around town. If it’s possible to have a hobby and simultaneously have 3 kids, his would be playing guitar.

Tom looks forward to not just helping you with Medicare, but getting to know you and your family over the course of your golden years.

San Diego, CA 3604 mi

Robert Shade

• Covered California • Final Expense • Medicare Advantage • Medicare Supplement • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

Medicare Agent


Robert is a graduate of CSU Fullerton with a BS in Business Finance, and has a MBA from Pepperdine University. He began his career in the insurance industry in 1989, and has worked both as a captive, internal agent and as an independent insurance broker. Robert’s focus is on Medicare Supplement plans, stand-alone Prescription Drug plans and Advantage plans.

He started at Bridlewood with the goal of more effectively marketing his Medicare expertise to the southern California market. He believes that providing the public with more knowledge to make well-informed decisions and give them confidence in the choice they make is a priority. Robert enjoys helping people understand the intricacies of Medicare, Medi-Cal and the Affordable Care Act, and to determine which one is the best fit for their situation.

Robert was born in Riverside, CA and traveled the world as a kid from a Military family. He settled in Central Orange County, and just recently moved to San Diego. He has two grown children, that are a source of joy and inspiration in their accomplishments. He enjoys sailing and boating of all kinds, gardening, and being outdoors.

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Oceanside, CA 3605.7 mi

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