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Maribel Gonzalez

• Bilingual • Covered California • Health • Medicare Advantage • Medicare Supplement • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans • Medi-Medi

Maribel has her Bachelor of Arts degree in Modern Languages.  She speaks English, Spanish, German, Portuguese and French. Additionally, she has a Master’s Degree in Public Health. Currently, she possesses her Health Agent Florida license as well as her Florida Life License, including Variable Annuities. Since August of 2019 until June of 2022, she worked as a captive bilingual insurance broker in a call center and remotely selling Medicare Advantage, stand alone Prescription Drug Plans and Medicare Supplement plans. During the years she worked at this insurance firm, she achieved a 92% or above customer retention rate due to her dedication in providing exceptional customer service experiences. Maribel strives to make sure her customers enroll in a plan that fits their needs and assists them with any issues that may arise or answer any questions they may have. She is just phone call away. In 2022, she sold 128 plans during the Annual Enrollment Period and received an award for compassionate service.  Maribel’s specialty is Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug, and Medicare Supplement plans, Medicaid, Low Income Subsidy, Medicare Savings Program, Social Security, Long Term Care, Home Health Aide, and State Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs.

On June 17, 2022, she resigned as a captive agent to work as an independant insurance broker. After extensive research and interviews, Maribel decided to join Bridlewood Insurance Services because of the perks and resources they offer. Their support and training allows her to prospect, market and execute her plans for success.  Her favorite part of the job is to meet with people who need help finding a plan that better fits their needs, and provide the education required to understand how Medicare works, what resources are available in their community to be able to live a better quality of life and enhance their health and well-being.

Maribel was born in Hoboken, NJ and raised in Manhattan, NY.  Her parents are from Puerto Rico, therefore, she had an opportunity to live and study in San Juan, PR. Currently, she resides in Brandon, FL.  The love of her life is her one and only daughter, Carla Aponte. She moved to New York to pursue her passion for Art. She also has a female cat named Kahlua who she truly enjoys. The minute we saw the color of her fur we instantly chose her name. She is a bundle of joy, loves to snuggle and being petted.   Maribel’s favorite pastimes are cycling, traveling and cooking. She also loves serving others in her church and community.

Brandon, FL 1312.1 mi

Jill Fasbender

• Medicare Advantage • Medicare Supplement • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

Jill was born and raised in Rochester, MN and currently reside in a small suburb of Rochester.  Jill and her husband Jeff Fasbender were high school sweethearts and married after 5 years of dating.  They have been married now for 22 years and have one daughter; Samantha who is 6 years old.  They also have a spicy little Chihuahua named Pedro.

Jill received her BA Communication Studies and AA General Studies. She has her Property/Casualty, Life/Health and Series 6 and 63 Licensed. Jill has over 20 years in the insurance industry and has earned several awards and trips over her career.

Jill loves being a resource to her clients about all their Medicare questions.  They are all so grateful for the assistance and truly appreciate the help she can provide.

Jill’s Areas of specialty within the Medicare insurance area: Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage Plans, Low Income Subsidy Plans, Prescription Drug Plans.

Jill loves to be active (running, swimming, cycling, walking, etc), coaching girls’ soccer, volunteering throughout the community and church.  She also enjoys traveling, crocheting, reading, and spending time with family and friends in her spare time.

Rochester, MN 1362.3 mi

David Wolfe

• Health • Medicare Advantage • Medicare Supplement • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans


David Wolfe is an independent Medicare broker serving all of Florida, California, Texas and New Hampshire. He represents multiple health insurance carriers including United Healthcare, Aetna, Humana and Florida Blue. He assists clients with Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement and Prescription Drug plans.
David divides his time helping his clients in Florida and California. David and Cindy’s daughter Victoria is a registered nurse living in Scripps Ranch and son Stephen is a sales marketing executive with Anheuser Busch in Texas.

Helping seniors navigate the confusing and ever-changing world of Medicare evolved naturally for David. For over 2 decades, he has worked in the medical industry in California and Florida.

“I use video technology to help explain medical procedures” he says. Patients become less anxious and better equipped to discuss their health needs and prescription drug plans when they can visualize the benefits. My Medicare clients tell me the same thing. When they have a clear understanding of their options, it’s so much easier for them to make an informed decision – and feel good about it!

A good listener with demonstrated leadership. In the early eighties, David founded Wolfe Media Inc. – a national consultancy working with TV, radio, and newspaper companies. His communication skills served him well and he soon became a sought-after speaker and industry columnist, traveling extensively. In the nineties, David was hired by CBS Television to work with their “owned and operated” stations throughout the country. Much of his time was spent in Florida, Texas, California, and New Hampshire – the same states where he is licensed to help Medicare recipients today!

As an independent Medicare broker – David Wolfe does not work for any one single carrier. Instead, he offers clients an unbiased opinion, with recommendations best suited to each individual’s unique needs. His services are at no cost. Carriers compensate brokers by paying a regulated “agent servicing” fee. This ensures every client receives the care and attention they deserve.

The choice is simple. Contact David Wolfe today at 941-404-5842, or by email: [email protected]

Bradenton, FL 1367.4 mi

Deb Roberts

• Medicare Advantage • Medicare Supplement • Medi-Medi

Deb graduated from Exira High School.  She has more than 17 years experience in the hospitality industry, in a variety of sales and consumer-focused roles, including event coordinator and sales, corporate sale and association sales.  She is licensed with the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission (IRGC) and was awarded the 2015 Iowa Lodging Association Employee of the Year.

Deb’s has shifted her focus to helping seniors with their Medicare Advantage plans, and also specializes in helping people who have both Medicare and Medicaid (Medi/Medi).  The Medicare business is a family dynamic – her stepson worked for UnitedHealthcare and recruited her husband, Larry Roberts, as an internal agent with UnitedHealthcare.  As Larry’s business grew, he added Deb’s son, Zeb Christensen, as an agent, along with other people who were looking for a fun and challenging new career. When they met Jeff Wetzel from  Bridlewood Insurance, both Larry and Zeb decided to join this fast-growing, Medicare specific agency. Soon, they were both prompting Deb to join, as well.  Since she already loved helping people and building long-term relationships, Medicare was an easy shift.

Deb grew up in Exira, Iowa.  With a population of 900 people, her parents were well known in the community, and operated a successful fertilizer plant for more than 20 years. She and her dad also owned and managed a greenhouse business for a number of years.  After meeting Larry, he and Deb moved to central Iowa, where three of their combined 4 children graduated.  They now reside in a beautiful home in Ankeny, and have been there for 5 years.  She and Larry have been married for 17 years, and with their blended family of two kids each, they now enjoy 5 grandchildren together – Aiden, Lainey, Hanes, Beau and Elodie.  She enjoys reading, golfing and spending time with their family.

Ankeny, IA 1393.7 mi

Larry Roberts

• Medicare Advantage • Medicare Supplement • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans • Medi-Medi

Larry Roberts attended West Marshall High School and graduated from Waldorf College. Larry had an extensive sales background before becoming a Medicare agent. What surprised him most about Medicare sales, is that he really isn’t selling anything, he is helping seniors solve a problem – making sure they had the best health care coverage for their particular needs. Larry specializes in Medicare Advantage and Low Income Subsidy plans. He joined Bridlewood Insurance because he wanted to be able to offer all the different carrier’s products to his clients, so that they truly have the most appropriate plan.

Larry enjoys meeting new people and being able to educate and guide them through the Medicare process. He is also the Regional Director of Sales for Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Nebraska, and manages a terrific team of agents.

Larry is from State Center and currently resides in Ankeny, IA. He has been married for 15 years to his beautiful wife, Deb, and has 4 children and 4 grandchildren. Larry has been involved in coaching for over 20 years and has enjoyed playing 16″ recreational softball for close to 40 years, but as of right now he is trying to spend as much as time as he can with his grandkids and has started to golf a lot more.  He enjoys golf and the fact that his body seems to recover quicker from golfing than softball!

Ankeny, IA 1394.8 mi

Duhran Sadler

• Final Expense • Life

Duhran attended East High School and Central Academy in Des Moines, Iowa.  He has over 10 years of experience in the insurance field, specializing in Medicare.  He assists those people who are turning 65 find the best suited Medicare plan for them.  Duhran offers Medicare Advantage and Supplement plans, along with Medicare Prescription Drug plans, helping his clients get the best coverage, while keeping their rates as low and affordable as possible.

Duhran met his Bridlewood Regional Manager, Larry Roberts, several years ago and found that both Larry and one of the largest Medicare Insurance companies in the area, kept referring him to Bridlewood Insurance.  They both confirmed that Bridlewood was a great company to work for, and truly supports all of it’s agents and their motto was the same as his own . . . do what’s right for the client EVERY time!  Duhran loves meeting with seniors and really educating them about Medicare and what their choices are for supplemental insurance, to cover those things that original Medicare doesn’t.  He feels truly rewarded when he sees them grasp what he’s teaching them and gaining their trust.  His clients feel so relieved when he is able to clarify the complicated Medicare maze for them and answer all their questions.

Originally, Duhran was born in southern Kansas, but was raised in Des Moines since he was 5.  He is father to a wonderful 10 year old name Ryker.  In his spare time, he enjoys playing all sorts of sports – softball, basketball, football and golf.  In the winter you will find him traveling around snow skiing, and during the summer he loves boating, water skiing and wakeboarding.

Des Moines, IA 1394.9 mi

Savannah Reynolds

• Medicare Advantage • Medicare Supplement • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

Savannah attended ISU and achieved a bachelors in Political Science in 2013.  She specializes in Medicare Supplement, Advantage and Prescription Drug plans. When Savannah and another Medicare insurance agent were looking for an agency to partner with, they were looking for a company with a strong, moral mission statement.  After meeting with the President of Bridlewood Insurance, Jeff Wetzel, they both decided this was the right company for them.  The thing Savannah enjoys most about her job is the ability to help seniors obtain and utilize affordable healthcare. Her philosophy is to always work in the best interest of her clients. She will always do what is best for her clients, and only what is best for them. Building a strong and trusting relationship with her clients is her priority.

Savannah was born, raised, and still reside in Des Moines.  She has three wonderful children.  Audrey (18) is studying to go to Medical school, and her son, Skyler (17) is finishing up high school and really enjoys working on cars.  And her youngest, Amya (14), is in middle school and loves ready anime and creating digital art.  They also have 3 dogs – a great dane named Moose, a pitbull-lab mix named Mr. Kibblesworth, and an unknown breed named Lord Pupperton.  In her off-time she enjoys fishing, camping, playing softball and spending time with her family.

Des Moines, IA 1394.9 mi

Zeb Christensen

• Medicare Advantage • Medi-Medi

Zeb graduated from Dana College in Blair, NE with a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education. He has been working with Medicare for just over a year, and in that short time has assisted many seniors with their Medicare options. He joined Bridlewood because of their reputation for educating and taking care of their clients and agents. Zeb loves the vision and drive that the team of agents he works with, has. He loves working with people and enjoys helping seniors learn about Medicare and choosing the right plan based on their health and prescription needs.

Zeb is a homegrown Iowa boy (GO CYCLONES!) He was fortunate enough to play college basketball at Dana College. Then his path took an interesting turn, when he and his friends started a rock band. They had the opportunity to travel across the country for roughly seven years, playing their own music every night. Being the purist that he is, Zeb and his bandmates refused to play covers of other people’s songs. It was a thrill knowing that fans could listen to their music on radio stations all over the world. Music, sports and helping others, have always been Zeb’s passion!

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Waukee, IA 1413.2 mi

Sherry Sadler

• Medicare Advantage • Medicare Supplement • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

Sherry is a jack of all trades, and has spent several decades working in retail, and as a real estate agent.  For the past several years, she has added Medicare Agent to her resume.  She is proficient in Medicare Advantage plans, and DSNP plans which are designed for those people who have Medicare AND Medicaid (state assistance).   Her son, Duhran, was the person who introduced her to Medicare sales, and she has really enjoyed getting to expand her horizons and help seniors with one of the most important decisions they are faced with.  She originally was only selling insurance for one insurance company, but then realized that there are so many other carriers out there, and she wanted to give her clients a wide selection of plans to choose from.

Sherry has always loved helping people, especially with something as important as their insurance.  Her focus is on educating her clients, and then helping them select the plan that will give them the best benefits and at the same time, save them money.  With so many people living paycheck to paycheck, even a $20 per month savings can make a huge difference in their lives.

Originally born and raised in the small town of Caldwell, Kansas, she moved with her family to Iowa in 1985, and it is here that she considers “home”.  Sherry has 3 grown children – Duhran, Zachary and Jorda – and 5 grandchildren, ranging in ages from 22 months to 14 years old.  They all call her granny, and she just loves them all to pieces!  Sherry loves to spend time with her family, and looks forward to her “Girls night out” with her lady friends.  Her favorite pastime is to take old windows and turn them into pieces of art.

Waukee, IA 1416.8 mi

Joe Tramazzo

• Health • Medicare Advantage • Medicare Supplement • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

Delray Beach, FL 1424.7 mi

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