Meet the Team


Jeff Wetzel


Kim Wetzel

Agent Liaison
& Licensed Agent

Madison is responsible for assisting Agents who need support with the annual Carrier Certifications. She also manages all in-house licensing requirements for Bridlewood Insurance. Madison is available by appointment to provide professional business photos for local Agents.


Madison Morris

Agency Coordinator
& Independent Broker

Shanelle is responsible for all billing, including preparing and sending invoices, and manages the payment of Agent overrides. She also manages all processes involving newly partnered Agents and their Initial Carrier Contracting agreements


Shanelle Calderón

& Billing​ Coordinator

Angie is responsible for Medicare Sales Training with newly partnered Agents. She assists Agents in developing a sales strategy in their desired markets and helps support individuals in reaching targeted sales goals in their prospective markets.


Angie Mower

National Medicare Sales Director

Sarah is responsible for the Bridlewood Marketing Program's flyers, supplies, and equipment. Sarah also acts as a secondary contact person for Agent support and helps local Agents coordinate Medicare Marketing events that must be reported to and registered with the Carrier.


Sarah Remkeiwicz

Office Administrator

Marissa is responsible for adding newly partnered agents to the Bridlewood Website to access their Agent Portal. She also manages the production reports and verifies production for Agents to be entered into the weekly Bridlewood Cash Drawing. Marissa fields all incoming calls to the corporate office located in San Diego, California.


Marissa Parker

Administrative Assistant

Sierra is responsible for adding new Agents to the Bridlewood Marketing Program and manages all of the Newsletter and Marketing Program printing along with all other in-house print requests.


Sierra Payne

Direct Mail
& Marketing Coordinator
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