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More than 365,000 Californians will turn 65 this year. Turning 65 is a lot like turning 16. When you turned 16, you didn’t automatically get your driver’s license; instead you had to take an exam and prove that you were a safe driver. There was a specific procedure for getting your driver’s license and the same is true for enrolling in Medicare for the first time when you turn 65. Much like you anticipated turning 16 and getting your driver’s license, you must anticipate and plan for becoming a Medicare beneficiary. Don’t wait until you’re 65 to start thinking about your Medicare choices. Start now and let Bridlewood Insurance Services help you with all your Medicare needs.

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Bridlewood Insurance Services is San Diego’s leader in providing no-cost, unbiased information about Medicare and other insurance-related issues. It is recommended that you review your Medicare options before you need to enroll so that you don’t make any hurried decisions at the last minute. Your Medicare choices will depend on several factors, including:

Are you retired, or will you or your spouse continue to work?

Will you have access to medical and/or prescription drug coverage through an Employer Group Health Plan?

How does your Employer Group Health Plan compare with Medicare Supplement Insurance plans and Medicare Advantage plans? ...

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