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Turning 65 means selecting your Medicare plans and programs. Bridlewood Insurance will help guide you through the selection process. Their agents are compassionate, knowledgable and able to help choose the right plan for you.

What You Need to Know
If you’re about to turn 65 and confused about your Medicare options, you’re not alone. Rest assured that Bridlewood Insurance Services has answers — our goal is to help you understand your options and make the decisions that are right for you.

Your first step is to choose your coverage options. There are two ways to access Medicare: through original Medicare or a Medicare Advantage plan.

Original Medicare

Original Medicare is made up of two parts:

Part A provides your hospital insurance

Part B provides medical insurance for things like doctor visits and check-ups

Everyone can have Part A, regardless of whether you’re still employed. To enroll, you need to sign up during the 7-month time period that begins three months before you turn 65, includes the month you turn 65, and continues for three months afterward.

If you’re still working at age 65 and covered by your employer’s health insurance, then in most cases you don’t need to sign up for Part B yet. Once you stop working, you’ll have a special enrollment period of eight months after your employment ends in which to sign up for Part B.

Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage plans, typically HMO or PPO products, are insurance plans that combine the benefits of Part A and B and, in most cases, includes prescription drug coverage and may include extra benefits and services for an additional cost.

Prescription Drug Coverage

Medicare Part A and Part B do not cover prescription drug benefits. For prescription drug coverage, you can enroll in a separate Part D plan. Many Medicare Advantage plans already offer prescription drug coverage (Part D) as part of their benefits package.

Supplemental Coverage (Medigap Plans)

Some people who are covered by original Medicare purchase a separate Medigap plan, also known as Medicare supplemental insurance. These plans help “fill the gap” by partially or fully covering expenses that original Medicare doesn’t provide.

The annual open enrollment period for Medicare is October 15 through December 7. This is the time each year when you can switch from original Medicare to a Medicare Advantage plan; change from your Medicare Advantage plan back to original Medicare; or switch from one Medicare Advantage plan to another..

How to Choose

Choosing the right Medicare coverage can feel overwhelming, but there are a variety of resources to help you.

Who to Trust

Did you know that the person who signs you up for Medicare becomes your “Agent of Record”? If you are a Do-It-Yourselfer and sign up by phone or on-line, did you know that you have chosen that anonymous person as your Agent? Did you know that it does not cost you anything extra to select your own?

Why not choose someone with a proven track record, who is there for you at any time? Bridlewood Insurance is here for you! Although we have a new name, because we have grown and are adding to our staff, we have years of experience and hundreds of satisfied people we have served over the years.

How to Plan Ahead

Plan ahead with the help of your Medicare Specialist at Bridlewood Insurance services. We know the latest changes and all the steps involved in getting you what you need. There is no fee involved in using us as your Agent!

Click the “Free Medicare Review” button to fill out your form. You will be contacted by an Agent promptly to schedule your Medicare Check-up.

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