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Michael Fiore

• Financial Planning • Life • Long Term Care

Educational Background:

Bachelor Degree in Finance
Seton Hall University
South Orange NJ

With over 20 years experience in the Insurance Brokerage industry, with a focus on Annuity, Life insurance, LTC and Medicare distribution . My clients are financial advisors, CPA’s, and estate attorneys. State Insurances licenses for health, life, LTC producer in NJ, NY, and PA NEO Ethics member

Areas of specialty within the Medicare insurance area:

For both new to Medicare and the existing Medicare clients, I do the following:
Through a series of questions: Through a series of questions….
1. Asses the current health and financial condition 2. Discuss and educate the clients on the options that are available to them with the pro’s and con’s of both 3. Allow the client to make the decision that is best tailored to them.

Bridlewood has an excellent reputation in the industry, I made the switch to them about 5 months ago and I haven’t looked back!

I love when I talk with my clients and I put their mind at ease! Medicare planning is stressful along with other life changing events, I do everything I can for my clients to say “Mike has it covered, one less worry.”

I’m from New Jersey and currently reside here, although, I lived between NYC and Tampa, FL for the past 15 years.

My beautiful wife of 13 years, Sherri has blessed me with three angels! My oldest is Gia(10 years old), Adriana (8), and Michael(6). They do keep me on my toes and my house is a nut house, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

With three active kids, I’m either an assistant coach or head coach for soccer, baseball, basketball and now hockey! lol. I’m a member of Tavistock Country Club and I hope one day to find the time to improve my golf game. My wife and I love to travel and have some great trips planned, but family time is sacred to us.

Cherry Hill, NJ 236.4 mi

Hantz Muller

• Medicare Advantage • Medicare Supplement • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

Hantz earned his Bachelors Degree from Queens College with a history major.  After spending two decades and a NY Police Department lieutenant, he shifted gears and became a licensed insurance agent, specializing in Medicare Advantage plans.  He truly enjoys helping to place clients in a better position with regard to their coverage, benefits and costs of their Medicare plan.

Hantz has lived in New York most of his life, with an exception of 4 years spent in Florida.  He and his wife Maria have been married for 18 years.  They have two children, a 17 year old girl who is getting ready for college, and an 8 year old boy who is a Tae Kwon Do green belt!  In his sparetime, Hantz enjoys working out at the gym and coaching his son’s football team.  He also enjoys dining out, watching sports events and going to the movies.  During the summer he enjoys swimming and hiking.

, NY 334 mi

Casey Roberts

• Medicare Advantage

Casey received his degree in Christian Education Leadership. He is originally from Wamego, Kansas, and has lived in the Midwest throughout his life. Currently, he is residing in Fremont, Nebraska. He and his wife, Tara, have a passion for their community and really enjoy living there.

Casey wanted to work for a company that cares for its customers as well as explains their Medicare needs in the best way. After finding Bridlewood and finally joining in 2019, he knew it was a great fit. He believes that every client deserves to be treated as a person. He knows that every client has completely different needs but every single one of those needs is important to him.

In his free time, Casey enjoys running, cheering for the Kansas City Chiefs, collecting vinyl records, and seeing new movies. He also likes to listen to music and Garth Brooks is his favorite artist.

, NJ 335.4 mi

Sheryl Gulan

• Medicare Advantage • Medicare Supplement • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans • Medi-Medi

Sheryl has a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Early Childhood education.  She has worked in both public and private school for more than 20 years, teaching pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and first grade.  She was awarded two educational grants, one at the state level and the other at the district level, focusing on parent involvement.  She is currently self-employed, and runs a web-based consignment shop from her home.  She recently decided to delve into Medicare, and is excited at the prospect of helping people protect their future, by meeting their current individual needs . . . whatever them may be.

Sheryl’s sister introduced her to Bridlewood in the Spring of 2020. She had just began studying for her licensure at that time, and as she learned more about the company and their programs, she was impressed by the encouragement, support and numerous trainings they offered.  Sheryl completed her licensing in September and is excited to be a part of Bridlewood’s community.  She believes that her favorite part of her job will be helping individuals find the right plan to cover all their needs. Sheryl’s desire is to be involved in a business that truly cares about each person and delivering personalized plans that fit their unique needs.

She grew up in Wisconsin, spent her young adult years in Minnesota and then moved to North Carolina, where she has resided for the past 18 years. She and her husband Scott have been married for 26 years and have two children.  Their daughter, Christine, was married in the summer of 2020 in Florida, and their son, Jacob, started his senior year at UNCC.   She loves to spend time outdoors gardening, hiking, and creating landscapes that attract birds and butterflies.
She also enjoys fixing up things, decorating and anything crafty!

Huntersville, NC 501.4 mi

Jake Raymond

• Medicare Advantage • Medicare Supplement • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans • Life

Imagine, sitting on the porch on a cool fall morning. The leaves have just started to change, and the song of migrating birds grace your ears. A warm cup of coffee in your hand as you rock back and forth. In this moment, peace flows into you. You are afforded the time to breathe without a care in the world.

That feeling is what Jake gives to everyone who becomes one of his clients. A feeling that everyone who has grown up in his hometown of Monroe Michigan has experienced at one point or another. Where other Medicare agents might treat you as a customer, Jake will treat you as trusted friend and lifelong colleague when handling all of your Medicare needs. How does he do this? By partnering with Bridlewood Insurance and living the only two rules that one needs to follow to have a fulfilling career.

Those rules are…

  1. ALWAYS, no matter what and without hesitation, do what is best for the client. Every time, no exceptions.
  2. Follow rule #1

Jake spent five years at Michigan Technological University to obtain a bachelor’s degree in business management. Those five years were filled with countless trials and hard work. The determination that he embodied to achieve this life milestone is the same determination that he puts in to making sure that your needs are met. Jake goes to work for you from the very first call and continues working for you every day thereafter. He asks all the questions that you may not have considered to make sure that each recommendation he gives is tailored specifically to your needs. By the time the initial conversation is done, he will have identified your needs and immediately begins exploring every option that you have. If there is a Medicare product available in your area, you can rest assured that he has looked at it and is applying your needs to it to ensure that you will get the quality care that you deserve.

In addition to thoroughly understanding your needs, Jake will make sure that you fully understand everything concerning your Medicare. If it takes fifteen minutes or thirty, Jake will make sure that when it comes time to decide, that you can say without a shadow of a doubt that you have all the information that you need. If he doesn’t know the answer to something when you call, he will do whatever it takes to make sure that you get the full and complete answer.

Having spent the last five years in the manufacturing world, Jake thoroughly understands how complicated health insurance can be, and Medicare is no exception. No one sat down and really explained his benefits when signing those employer contracts, and it wasn’t until after he signed that he learned critical things he needed were covered. These experiences have driven him to dive deep into Medicare, and ensure that no one else has the same experiences that he has had.

By choosing to go through Jake for your Medicare needs, you are taking the first steps in a lifelong friendship. From answering questions to providing you with entertaining newsletters every month, Jake will never be more than a phone call away. Don’t let the complexities of Medicare frustrate you any longer. Give Jake a call.

Let Jake at Bridlewood help you on your Medicare journey!


Erie, MI 592.3 mi

Suzanne Hanly

• Medicare Advantage • Medicare Supplement • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans • Medi-Medi • Long Term Care

Suzanne has her Bachelor of Science degree from University of Toronto Montessori Diploma.  She has worked for many years in Customer Service assisting Property & Casualty agents and Real Estate Agents.  She has also worked in Troy District, MI elementary schools and as a Literacy and Special Education teacher at an Indiana Elementary school.  Suzanne has now turned her focus to working with Medicare members.  She offers many types of plans, including Medicare Supplement plans, Advantage plans, Dual Special Needs plans and plans designed for Veterans.  She joined Bridlewood Insurance because she appreciates their leadership style and admire their vision for the company.  Bridlewood has a friendly and motivating work culture.

She takes the approach to patiently educate all her Medicare clients, who she truly enjoys working with. She seeks to bring clarity to their Medicare choice in order to empower them to confidently choose the best fitting plan for their needs.

Suzanne was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. In 2022, she and her family moved to Rochester, Michigan to work for General Motors, and are proud dual citizens. She met her boyfriend two years ago in Toronto. Her children live in the Chicago and Los Angeles areas, and she is hopeful they can meet up this spring.  She enjoys watching the Blue Angels and Canadian Snowbirds jet shows. Suzanne is also a member of the Warren Astronomy Society.  She loves playing board games with her friends, going to concerts and reading.

, MI 617.4 mi

Robert Hart

• Medicare Advantage • Medicare Supplement • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans • Medi-Medi

Over the last twenty years as an insurance agency owner, now retired; I have helped many families throughout Michigan with their personal insurance needs. Now turning 65 and transitioning to Medicare myself, I saw how confusing it can be. Loving to help people with their insurance and not wanting to fully retire, I decided to specialize in Medicare as an agent with Bridlewood. I chose Bridlewood because they are a top-rated national Medicare focused agency. They represent a great selection of companies, provide comprehensive support, and ongoing training, assuring success for my clients.

Now, with our kids all grown I work from home. Kimberly and I enjoy taking trips on the Harley Motorcycle or attending classic car shows in our 10th Anniversary Miata convertible. When it starts getting colder, we try to spend a few weeks in Florida or California with family and friends. We are both animal lovers, and have a beautiful Chocolate Lab named Jax.

Medicare is certainly not a one size fits all; and I love helping other folks just like me. I take the time necessary to answer questions and address any concerns so that my clients are well informed and comfortable in choosing the right Medicare solution for them.

I look forward to working with you, and finding just the right coverage!

Romeo, MI 624.4 mi

Edward Hill

• Medicare Advantage • Medicare Supplement • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans • Long Term Care

Edward received his degree from Bowling Green State University.  He has been a licensed agent since 2008, specializing in Medicare Supplement/Medigap plans and Advantage plans.  He focuses on coordinating benefits for those on Social Security Disability (SSDI) and in Medicaid Long Term Care situations.  Edward loves helping people access the benefits they are entitled to.

Being born and raised in Northwest Ohio, Edward is currently raising his family there.  He served with the 101st Airborne Division in the United States Army.  In his spare time he enjoys playing guitar.  He has been part of several music projects, everything from bluegrass to blues to old-time rock and roll.

Defiance, OH 634.6 mi

Danielle Gonzalez

• Medicare Advantage • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

I graduated from Pinckney Community High School in 2018 and went on to study Veterinary Medicine at Ross Medical Education Center the following year. I’m currently attending Washtenaw Community College to receive my Associate’s Degree.

I obtained my Health and Accident insurance license in August of 2021 while working for Bloom Insurance. I specialized in selling Medicare Advantage plans. I ranked in the top five for best sellers during AEP for their Mass Advantage program. I am currently working towards getting my Life Insurance license.

I am most proficient in helping people who need Medicare Advantage plans or Prescription Drug Plans. I am just starting to learn more about Medicare Supplemental Plans. I feel comfortable helping people with special needs such as dual enrollment or LIS.

I started working at Bridlewood at the end of December 2021. I enjoyed selling insurance through my past company and was very excited to be given the opportunity to further my career with Bridlewood and be able to reach new people in my area.

My favorite part of my job is knowing that I am able to help people. Caring for others is a big passion of mine. I strive to make my clients feel as comfortable with the plan they choose as possible, and give them the resources they need to be knowledgeable in it as well.

I have lived in Michigan my whole life. I grew up in a small town called Pinckney. I am currently residing in Novi but am looking to find a house closer to the area I grew up in.

I am unmarried. My boyfriend, of two and a half years, and I live together with our two cats and the occasional foster pets. I do not have any children right now, but I plan to someday.

Some of my hobbies include reading, crafting, scrapbooking, and watching movies. I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I love doing almost anything outdoors, as long as it’s not too cold. One of my favorite things to do is help animals. I foster quite a few kittens each year.

, MI 666.4 mi

Joe Arroyo

Joe has been helping people make confident and informed decisions about their Health and Life Insurance options since 2013.   Prior to health insurance, Joe co-founded and operated an e-commerce business in the vintage and designer clothing field. He also worked for over a decade in the Retirement Plan Design and Administration field.

A life-long San Diegan, Joe loves spending time in the outdoors with his family: wife Lisa, daughter Astrid, and son Ian.
Joe is also passionate about football and has coached at the youth and high school level in Ramona as an Offensive Line and Wide Receivers coach.

Hilton Head Island, SC 814.3 mi

Search Results based on: Fuzzy Location: Ashburn, Virginia 20147, US

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