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Kevin Hyatt

• Medicare Advantage • Medicare Supplement • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

Kevin grew up on a large dairy farm in Tennessee.  He went to Vail, CO in 1990 for a vacation and never left. Kevin likes to snowboard, attend live music shows, and old cars.

Kevin attended the University of Tennessee. He spent 28 years in the first aid and safety business for business to meet OSHA requirements. He was the founding President of Radio Free Minturn LP radio station in Minturn, CO and the owner/operator of Rocky Mountain Carriage Co for 11 years.

In July of 2021, Kevin was recruited by Mataya Yoakam to join Bridlewood. As a Bridlewood agent, Kevin can walk his clients through the different parts of Medicare, and what their options are for coverage. By going through the items that are important to his clients he can help his clients confidently make the choice of the most appropriate plan to meet their needs.

Avon, CO 2487.5 mi

Aurora Mccarroll

• Medicare Advantage • Medicare Supplement • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

Aurora is originally from California but has lived in Colorado since attending Lakewood High School, so has lived there over half her life.  Colorado is home.  She loves Denver and all the amenities and culture and coming home to her quiet (yet active!) mountain lifestyle in Garfield County.

She has been in the Health Insurance Industry since 2011 and received her B.A. in Economics from Colorado College in 2022.

Aurora is enthusiastic to serve the rural areas of Colorado, living and working in Garfield County.  In a previous role, she learned about the unique needs of rural Colorado in terms of health benefits while working for Mountain West Insurance in group benefits.

She met a Bridlewood Insurance Medicare professional while exploring new options for my career.  Aurora was impressed by her professionalism and knowledge of the industry. She quickly decided to partner with Bridlewood Insurance after doing her own due diligence and meeting the Denver team.

She is passionate about helping her clients understand all of their options to create a plan that works best for their unique situation.  She loves that she is able to create long-term relationships with her clients to help them stay on top of changes in options year over year so they are always set up in the best situation.

Aurora is blessed with a beautiful family.  She lives with her husband whom she has been married to for 11 years and they have two children together, a daughter who is 7 and a son who is 4.  They also have a 10 year old Cockapoo who still thinks she is a puppy named Maddy.

In her free time she enjoys skiing, hiking, reading and traveling.  Typically, if there is a beach or mountains involved, she is a happy lady.  At home they enjoy hosting bbq’s or s’mores evenings in the backyard.

Silt, CO 2584.4 mi

Don Kreis

My name is Don Kreis – I am originally from California but have been living in Utah for nearly 30 years with my wife, Becky.  Together we have 3 children and 3 grandchildren. I Attended Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, and served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in northwest Mexico in the 1980s. I’ve been fluent in Spanish ever since.

I began as a Bridlewood Agent after being Referred by another agent that I knew and trusted after many years with other agencies.

My work experience includes 10 years in Medicare Health Insurance with an active insurance license in 40+ states.  Additionally, I spent 5 years in the mortgage industry and 7 years in various capacities with credit unions.

My favorite part about servicing Medicare recipients is helping people navigate the confusing and complex Medicare process and helping them get the coverage that best suits their needs.

My areas of specialty within Medicare Insurance include Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare Supplement plans, and Special Needs plans for Medicare/Medicaid beneficiaries.



Orem, UT 2911.6 mi

Quinn Hanamaikai

• Auto • Financial Planning • Final Expense • Health • Medicare Advantage • Medicare Supplement • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans • Medi-Medi • Life

Provo, UT 2916.9 mi

Angie Mower

• Final Expense • Health • Medicare Advantage • Medicare Supplement • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans • Medi-Medi • Life

As a Licensed Medicare Insurance Broker covering Southern Utah, the Greater Salt Lake region, and surrounding areas, I work to improve the lives of our aging population by being a resource for individuals eligible for Medicare or becoming eligible for Medicare.

I have a wealth of knowledge regarding Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplement Plans, and Prescription Drug Plans for individuals who are disabled and on Medicare, Veterans on Medicare, or individuals who are low-income on Medicare and qualify for Extra Help through the State of Utah.

Reach me by phone or email Mon-Sun
I am happy to schedule a no-cost consultation to discuss your Medicare needs. My services are always free of charge, so there is no need to navigate the complexities of Medicare alone!

Draper, UT 2923.4 mi

Jeff Ballif

• Medicare Advantage • Medicare Supplement • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans • Medi-Medi

Jeff graduated from Brigham Young University Idaho with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication, 2011. He has been helping people with Medicare insurance for over 10 years. He holds a Health and Life insurance license and the professional designation CMIP,  Certified Medicare Insurance Planner®.

Jeff chose to work with Bridlewood Insurance because of the excellent reputation in the market, as well as their training programs and back office support. Bridlewood also provides services nationwide, which allows him to help people all over the country. He has been with Bridlewood since fall 2022.

His philosophy is that by providing Medicare beneficiaries with education, he can help them make an educated decision regarding their coverage, and earn their business.

Jeff and his wife Natasha are both from Bountiful, Utah and they currently live in nearby North Salt Lake, Utah. They have been together for nine years and are happily married with two poodles and a parrot.

In his free time, he enjoys movies, music and traveling. He especially enjoys scuba diving, and they often plan our travels around great diving sites.

North Salt Lake, UT 2924.9 mi

Allen Evans

• Medicare Advantage • Medicare Supplement • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans • Medi-Medi

Allen is originally from Hurricane, UT and currently resides in Bluffdale, UT. He attended Hurricane High School and graduated from Utah Valley University.  Allen has 8 years of Medicare Health Insurance experience, licensed in 48 states. He is a top agent for conversion rate and retention, never having a founded complaint against him.

Allen is fairly new to Bridlewood, deciding to make the move because he like their business philosophy better than any other place he has seen. They truly care about making sure everyone they interact with is in the best situation possible which aligns perfectly with his values.

He truly enjoys helping people and simplifying the sometimes overwhelmingly complex Medicare information and ensuring they are taken care of just like he would take care of his own parents.

Allen is a big Utah Jazz fan. He started playing pickleball a couple of years ago, became addicted, and plays every chance he gets. He is also into working out and loves to get outdoors for some hiking, and mountain biking.

Bluffdale, UT 2928.7 mi

Debora Dambaugh

Debora has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Management and a post-Degree Paralegal Certification.  She is also a licensed and certified Medicare agent, and has worked as a Senior Medicare Audit Consultant for Aetna Life Insurance Company for nearly a decade.  Deb has more than 15 years of experience in the areas of contract management and regulatory compliance, while working for law firms and software development organizations.

Deciding that Medicare was what she was passionate about, Deb found Bridlewood Insurance when she was searching for an insurance agency to affiliate with, and discovered that they really care about helping people maintain their quality of life by providing education and ongoing support with their Medicare health plan options.  She feels very strongly that she can best help her senior clients by being well-educated and knowledgeable about all the Medicare products she offers, which includes Medicare Supplement plan, Advantage plans and Prescription Drug plans.

Deb and her family moved to Tucson, Arizona about 20 years ago, believing it was an ideal place to raise a family.  Her 3 kids grew up in Tucson.  She has 2 sons who served in the US Army, a son-in-law who is currently serving in the US Air Force and a daughter who just recently graduated from the University of Arizona. She and her family exemplify their values through honesty and hard work, and by helping others along the way whenever they can. Deb and her husband are empty-nesters who love visiting their grown kids and their families, but also love exploring their new-found freedom.  They really enjoy traveling, new experiences and making new friends.  Deb is happiest when she is outdoors, especially taking long walks and watching the sunset. She likes to stay active by hiking with her husband, bicycling, kayaking and playing basketball at the local park.  Deb and her husband can often be found visiting historical sites and museums, watching classic Hollywood movies, and cooking up new recipes together.

Marana, AZ 3101.5 mi

Jermaine Williams

• Medicare Advantage • Medicare Supplement • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

Jermaine graduated High School, and then went on to obtain an Associate’s Degree.   He is currently finishing his Bachelor’s Degree.  Back in 2011, Jermaine began selling Medicare insurance for Florida Blue, and after many years and due to his expertise in Mediare, he was selected to head up a pilot program to be the leader of a 6 person team of agents dedicated to only selling Medicare insurance.  He is licensed to sell Life, Health, and Accident Insurance, as well as Variable Annuities, in both Arizona and Florida.  Jermaine specializes in Medicare Advantage, Supplement and Prescription Drug plans.

He decided to join Bridlewood Insurance, because they have the reputation for caring more about their clients, than about the bottom line.  Jermaine’s philosophy is to always put the client’s best interest ahead of everything else.  He really enjoys working with people to help them find the best possible Medicare plan to cover all their needs while keeping their costs at a minimum.

Jermaine was born in New York, but raised in beautiful North Carolina.  After 6 years of active duty in the Navy, and 2 years of Reserves, he currently resides in Arizona, although he is licensed and appointed in Florida as well.  One of his favorite pastimes is to learn new things, which he feels is a daily experience.  And he loves to watch sports and travel, especially to the east coast to see his friends and family.

Phoenix, AZ 3139.7 mi

Myra Pearce

• Medicare Advantage • Medicare Supplement • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

Myra was born in Washington state, raised her family in Montana’s Big
Sky country, and now calls Idaho home. Her heritage in the Northwest
is rich and her roots run deep. Not only a passionate singer/songwriter
and radio personality, she once served as Miss Rodeo Washington. She
currently enjoys ranch life on the Camas Prairie with her family and
True success in Myra’s opinion is living by her favorite quote, “the heart
that gives gathers”. Relationships are at the heart of everything she has
achieved. The importance of going the extra mile and helping others
bring her great joy and satisfaction. The last decade she has spent in
Real Estate helping families find a place to call home in this great state.
Now, she has turned her attention to providing great care and
professionalism to people who would like to have assurance and
confidence in their Medicare Plan. Myra looks forward to serving you
in this new season of healthcare.

Grangeville, ID 3225.5 mi

Search Results based on: Fuzzy Location: Ashburn, Virginia 20147, US

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