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Dusty Clement

• Final Expense • Medicare Advantage • Medicare Supplement • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans • Medi-Medi • Life

Dusty has a degree in Business Management from California State University, Chico, with an emphasis in small business management and entreprenuership.  Dusty has his Life and Health license, and is currently license in Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Nevada and California.  He offers many Medicare products, but his emphasis is on Medicare Advantage plans. He really enjoys being able to help clients improve their healthcare and get them into a plan that helps them control their costs without sacrificing their coverage, or access to specific doctors or hospitals.

Dusty is originally from Northern California, and currently resides in Kuna, Idaho.  He and his wife, Mallory, have been together since 2011, and married since 2014.  They do not have any children, but they do have two sweet fox terriers, Gus and Maggie.  In his offtime, Dusty enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, travel, gold prospecting and mushroom gathering.

Kuna, ID 3261.8 mi

Trevar Connelly

• Bilingual • Medicare Advantage • Medicare Supplement • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

I majored in Microbiology and Psychology and minored in Spanish at the University of Idaho. I am currently in graduate school at Liberty University studying Clinical Mental Health.
I have worked for over 9 years in the customer service field, varying from employee management to emergency patient care. I worked for 2 years as an EMT, learning and understanding the hospital system, now able to help clients with their health insurance with a thorough understanding of healthcare.
I am a Bilingual agent, with a strong understanding of Medicare Advantage, Supplement, and Prescription Drug Plans, tailored to the clients needs.

Moscow, ID 3294.5 mi

Imre Ambrus

• Final Expense • Medicare Advantage • Medicare Supplement • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans • Medi-Medi • Life • Long Term Care

Imre graduated college with a degree in Electo-Mechanical Engineering.  He first got licensed to provide financial services in 1992.  He has helped hundreds of people and their families to create financial security for themselves and their loved ones.  Imre prides himself in conducting his business with honesty and integrity. He also knows that as an independent broker, he has the ability to offer a very wide array of the most superior products to his clients.  He always represents his client’s best interest, based on their specific needs.  Imre educates and helps seniors with Medicare Parts A & B, Medicare Advantage (Part C), Prescription Drug plans (Part D) and Medicare Supplement plans (Medigap), as well as dental, vision and hearing plans.

Born in Hungary, Imre arrive in America in 1983, and has lived in Las Vegas since 1999.  He has been married to his wife Victoria for 11 years, and they have 4 kids and two Shih Tsu dogs.  He loves riding motorcycles, hiking and just being in the outdoors.

Las Vegas, NV 3317.7 mi

Frank Joy

Frank has his AAS in Real Estate from the College of Southern Nevada.  He has been a Financial Advisor and Life & Health Insurance agent for 20 years.  He joined Bridlewood in 2021, because they specialize in Medicare and ONLY Medicare.  His focus is to find the absolute right Medicare plan for each client based on their unique needs.

Frank moved to southern Nevada from Cincinnati, Ohio over 40 years ago.  He and his wife, Carole, have been married for 22 years.  Carole has a daughter and two grandkids in the Boston, MA area and Frank has a son and four grandkids in the Phoenix, AZ area.  Frank and his wife run a small dog rescue for Pomeranians, and over the last 10 years they have adopted out more than 100 dogs.  Their Pomeranian is named Lola.

Las Vegas, NV 3325.3 mi

Scott Hendrick

• Medicare Advantage • Medicare Supplement • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans • Medi-Medi

Scott has a very distinctive background.  He received a BS in Marketing from the University of Utah and is a Class A PGA Professional – from the PGA of America –  with a certification in running a golf course, as well as is a licensed professional Medicare agent who is licensed in 43 states, including WA, ID, and UT.  He began his Medicare career at a call center for eHealth, spoke to approximately 3,500 people, and wrote about 600 seniors on their Medicare plan.  Scott then went on to open his own insurance agency, Medicare FORE You.  He has over 10 years of sales experience, including managing a call center sales team for Deer Valley Resort, where he was the top producing sales agent 2 years in a row before being made Assistant Manager, and has done group business for various golf courses.

Scott’s focus in Medicare is on those people turning 65, DSNP (Dual-eligible Special Needs Policy) and LIS (Low Income Subsidy) advisor, Supplement, and Prescription Drug policies.  When choosing a national agency to partner with, Scott was looking for an FMO that does business the right way and always puts the client’s needs first.  His pledge to his clients is that he promises to have your best interest at heart and never make someone feel pressured into a sale, but instead educate his clients so they are very comfortable with their choice of Medicare plan(s).  His philosophy is that this is YOUR decision, and his role is to educate you on the process and plans, which will lead you to make a well-informed and appropriate decision.

Born in Dallas, Texas, Scott lived in Park City, Utah, for about 15 years before moving to Spokane, Washington, where he currently resides and loves it!  He and his wife, Melissa, have been married for almost 10 years and have a wonderful daughter, Annie, who is a little over 2 years old. Their family is joined by their golden retriever, Sugar.  He named his agency Medicare FORE You, which indicates his passion and love for golf.  He also enjoys tennis and pickleball.  They also love the outdoors, spending time skiing, fly fishing, hiking, RVing, and mountain biking.



Spokane, WA 3328.5 mi

Nick Boushay

• Final Expense • Health • Medicare Advantage • Medicare Supplement • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans • Life

My name is Nick – I like the core values and leadership Bridlewood brings to the table and became an agent with Bridlewood in 2020. I have worked in the Insurance industry since 2013, starting in Health Insurance and then transitioning to Medicare. I really enjoy educational Medicare Seminars for individuals turning 65 to help make Medicare and retirement options clear. My favorite part is helping people by simplifying the options of Medicare. My Philosophy is “Keep it Simple and Do the Right Thing.”



Las Vegas, NV 3329.5 mi

Victor Keaton

• Covered California • Health • Medicare Advantage • Medicare Supplement • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans • Medi-Medi

Thanks for stopping at my page.  I’ve been a licensed insurance agent in the High Desert since 2003.  A graduate of Cal State San Bernardino in Business/Finance and High Desert resident since 1977.  Married, once, for 49 years, father of three and grandpa to seven.  I run a one-man office from Barstow.  You call, I answer.  Available seven days a week.  I enjoy easing my clients’ anxieties when they encounter the Medicare/Social Security dilemma.  When not helping clients, I enjoy hiking, biking, photography and cooking.   Contracted with most of the major carriers in our market.  Give me a call.

Barstow, CA 3513.3 mi

Susan Christian

• Medicare Advantage • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

Susan has her Master’s degree in education.  She has worked in the insurance industry for more than 13 years.  She has decided to specialize in Medicare, and is focused on educating seniors about their healthcare options.  Susan’s philosophy is to give back, and she does that by helping seniors, like herself, who turn 65 and need help understanding and navigating the complicated Medicare system.

She was born in Illinois, but Susan grew up in the little town of San Dimas, California, and this is where she called home for most of her adult life.  She has resided in Apple Valley since 2004.  She is the proud mother of Mitchell, an Eagle Scout and now a First Officer with Skywest Airlines.  Unfortunately, the last of her fur family passed away in March.  Susan loves to travel and visit with family and friends.  When she is not traveling, her favorite hobbies are DIY projects and gardening.

Apple Valley, CA 3543.8 mi

David Nash

• Covered California • Medicare Advantage • Medicare Supplement • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans • Medi-Medi • Reverse Mortgage

David received his degree from the University of Redlands.  He also has over 25 years of experience in the insurance business.  His areas of expertise are with Medicare Advantage, Supplement and Medicare-Medicaid plans.

David enjoys working at Bridlewood Insurance because of their amazing agent support and the vast product offerings, and he feels they are really nice people to work with.  He has a passion for educating and working with seniors, and really enjoys the satisfaction he gets when his clients thank him for making the difficult topic of Medicare seem so easy.

Being born and raised in California, David can’t imagine living anywhere else.  He and his wife Susan have been married for over 44 years, and they have four adult children.  Todd (42), Tyler (36) and Trevor (32) all live and work in Utah.  His daughter Tricia is married to Ben.  David and Susan also have 4 grandchildren – Tatum (15), Lincoln (13), Saylor (11) and Nash (8).   In his spare time, David enjoys fishing, golf and travel.

Redlands, CA 3562.4 mi

Amber Ramirez

• Auto • Covered California • Financial Planning • Health • Medicare Advantage • Medicare Supplement • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans • Medi-Medi • Life

Bridlewood Agent

Amber Ramirez was born and raised in Ramona, which is where her office is located. Amber’s stepfather opened the agency alongside her mother in 1971, and the family owned and run agency has been on the same street corner for 47 years.

In 2004, when Amber first started out as a Farmers agent, she started with zero policies while her mother had about 800. In 2006, her mother fully retired and Amber purchased the agency. Since taking it over, Amber has more than doubled the size of her number of clients, with 800 policies having grown into about 1,800.  Amber attributes a lot of that success and growth to the marketing and networking that she does in the community. Amber has been a Chamber Director for 11 years and she has been part of the Ramona Rotary Club since 2005, along with being the president of Rotary in 2013-2014.  Amber understands the importance of community and knows that Ramonans has never failed to support one another. That is one thing she loves – helping so many people in her own hometown.[/read_more]

Ramona, CA 3573.9 mi

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