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Jake Raymond


Erie, MI


+1 (419) 855-5045

I make Medicare work for you.

Imagine, sitting on the porch on a cool fall morning. The leaves have just started to change, and the song of migrating birds grace your ears. A warm cup of coffee in your hand as you rock back and forth. In this moment, peace flows into you. You are afforded the time to breathe without a care in the world.

That feeling is what Jake gives to everyone who becomes one of his clients. A feeling that everyone who has grown up in his hometown of Monroe Michigan has experienced at one point or another. Where other Medicare agents might treat you as a customer, Jake will treat you as trusted friend and lifelong colleague when handling all of your Medicare needs. How does he do this? By partnering with Bridlewood Insurance and living the only two rules that one needs to follow to have a fulfilling career.

Those rules are…

  1. ALWAYS, no matter what and without hesitation, do what is best for the client. Every time, no exceptions.
  2. Follow rule #1

Jake spent five years at Michigan Technological University to obtain a bachelor’s degree in business management. Those five years were filled with countless trials and hard work. The determination that he embodied to achieve this life milestone is the same determination that he puts in to making sure that your needs are met. Jake goes to work for you from the very first call and continues working for you every day thereafter. He asks all the questions that you may not have considered to make sure that each recommendation he gives is tailored specifically to your needs. By the time the initial conversation is done, he will have identified your needs and immediately begins exploring every option that you have. If there is a Medicare product available in your area, you can rest assured that he has looked at it and is applying your needs to it to ensure that you will get the quality care that you deserve.

In addition to thoroughly understanding your needs, Jake will make sure that you fully understand everything concerning your Medicare. If it takes fifteen minutes or thirty, Jake will make sure that when it comes time to decide, that you can say without a shadow of a doubt that you have all the information that you need. If he doesn’t know the answer to something when you call, he will do whatever it takes to make sure that you get the full and complete answer.

Having spent the last five years in the manufacturing world, Jake thoroughly understands how complicated health insurance can be, and Medicare is no exception. No one sat down and really explained his benefits when signing those employer contracts, and it wasn’t until after he signed that he learned critical things he needed were covered. These experiences have driven him to dive deep into Medicare, and ensure that no one else has the same experiences that he has had.

By choosing to go through Jake for your Medicare needs, you are taking the first steps in a lifelong friendship. From answering questions to providing you with entertaining newsletters every month, Jake will never be more than a phone call away. Don’t let the complexities of Medicare frustrate you any longer. Give Jake a call.

Let Jake at Bridlewood help you on your Medicare journey!


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