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Heather Rodgers


Specialist and advocate for your Medicare and Life insurance needs

My initial passion for helping people first began when I became a Physical Therapist over 25 years ago. Working directly with patients, it became apparent to me that many of my clients were struggling to understand their insurance, how it worked, and often they were on the wrong plan for their care needs. This often resulted in a decreased quality of care and an increased out-of-pocket expense to them.

Therefore, it was a natural decision for me to start my own insurance agency. The passion and innate sense of advocacy I experienced as a Physical Therapist is what encompasses my insurance business. It is at the heart of how I approach each client’s needs. Together we will work to find a solution that is always best for you. Once you choose your plan I will be right there every step of the way now and in the future.

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Verified Reviews for Heather Rodgers:

We are extremely grateful for Heather’s help with the challenges of navigating through the Medicare process. She made it so easy because of her experience in the field. We would refer her to everyone we now. Thank you Heather!
5 Deborah Ricard - May 24, 2024
Heather is very thorough in explaining the various aspects of how Medicare works. She answered all my questions, plus she brought up concerns that I didn't know to ask. We had multiple conversations prior to me choosing to go with her services. She followed up with me and explained what I needed to do when my PCP left the health organization I had originally picked. I would recommend Heather to anyone.
5 Ross McClain - May 15, 2024
I called Heather at the last minute to change my Mom's insurance from an HMO to a PPO. Heather was fantastic-found the best option for my 91 year old mother and checked back often to make sure we knew how to navigate the new plan-she was so helpful and we couldn't have done this last minute insurance change without her expertise!!! You can tell she really cares about helping clients and knows the insurance business. I would highly recommend her!!!
5 Debbie Troutman - May 3, 2024
Heather was a pleasure to work with. She is very knowledgeable about her field, confident in what she does, and was able to make recommendations based on my needs. She made this transition very easy for me and I highly recommend her services.
5 Tamera Fleck - April 26, 2024
I'm new to Oceanside and needed to change my medicare provider. Heather was very helpful in finding the right plan for me plus she followed up to be sure I had recieved all the current information to start taking advantage of all the extra benefits. I highly recomend using Heather Rodgers.
5 Tracy Pittman - April 23, 2024
She is the best.always follows up with us. And she is always there for us. She knows her job.
5 Susan Wiles - April 21, 2024
Heather was so helpful in getting me set up with an appropriate MediCare plan. She is responsive and extremely professional and a delight to work with.
5 Karene Cargill - April 16, 2024
Signing up for Medicare was an overwhelming experience for me. I had Heather help me throughout the whole process. She found me excellent coverage, set me up and guided me through the whole process. She followed up to make sure I received my card and stands with me with any help I may need. I highly recommend her for your Medicare needs.
5 Frances Hensley - April 2, 2024
Heather deserves 10 stars for her knowledge, professionalism and personality. She made a very confusing process easy to comprehend.
5 Margarethe Smith - March 7, 2024
To Whom It May Concern, As I approached my 65th birthday, the influx of mailers and marketing materials related to Medicare and supplemental insurance options was overwhelming, to say the least. The volume of documentation from the government, along with the barrage of communications from major healthcare companies, created a daunting task. It felt as if I was expected to make some of the most critical health care decisions of my life amidst a sea of confusion and urgency. This is where Heather Rodgers, Owner/Agent of HRodgers Insurance Services, stepped in and transformed a daunting experience into a manageable and informed process. Heather's approach was meticulous and personalized. She took the time to sift through the avalanche of information, distilling it down to what was most relevant and beneficial for my situation. Unlike the generic advice and overwhelming options presented in the mailers, Heather’s guidance was tailored specifically to me. She examined my health history and current prescriptions in detail, ensuring that the plans we considered would offer comprehensive coverage for my needs. This level of attention was not only reassuring but demonstrated a deep commitment to her clients' well-being. Furthermore, Heather recognized the importance of continuity in healthcare. She meticulously verified that my current healthcare providers were covered under the potential plans, ensuring that I would not have to disrupt established relationships with doctors I trust. This was a significant concern for me, and Heather’s diligence in this area showcased her understanding of her clients’ needs beyond just the numbers and policy details. For anyone nearing this milestone and feeling overwhelmed by the decisions surrounding Medicare and supplemental insurance, I wholeheartedly recommend reaching out to Heather Rodgers. Her expertise and personalized approach demystify the complexities of healthcare decisions at this stage of life. Heather is not just an agent; she is a dedicated professional who goes above and beyond to ensure her clients are not only informed but also comfortable and confident in their choices. Choosing Heather Rodgers to navigate the maze of Medicare and supplemental insurance was unequivocally the best decision I made for my healthcare needs as I transitioned into this new chapter of my life. Her professionalism, expertise, and genuine care for her clients are what set her apart in a field often riddled with confusion and impersonality. Sincerely, Daniel A Phelan Rancho Mirage, CA,
5 Daniel Phelan - February 29, 2024
Heather was very helpful and a pleasure to work with in regards to setting me and my mom's medicare and wellcare for 2024. C. Colt Little :-)
5 Colt Little - February 13, 2024
Heather was so knowledgeable of our healthcare choices and what was right for our family. Great follow up and communication on what to expect with the changes. Very satisfied with her great service 😀
5 Cynthia Gonzales - February 13, 2024

5 Gheety Allahi - January 20, 2024
Heather walked us through the whole Medicare process and checked in to make sure we were good to go, I would recommend her for your insurance needs, Thank you
5 Gary Lee - January 18, 2024
Heather is awesome! She helped my parents with a very difficult transition when Scripps was no longer accepting Medicare Advantage plans and found the best plan for them and has been here to answer any questions or concerns.
5 Laura Dicus - January 17, 2024
Had an awesome experience dealing with Heather for my Medicare needs..She listened to me and then found me a fantastic insurance plan that fits my needs and provides a whole lot of extra benefits..!.. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a Medicare plan..Definitely a five star experience..Great Job Heather..👍
5 Patrick Simmons - January 12, 2024
Heather Rogers is a very experienced and highly recommended medical insurance broker. She will listen to an individual's specific needs and determine the most suitable insurance plan and provider options. She answers any and all questions and provides important and helpful information to make the best decision. I personally found Heather to be very responsive especially given tight enrollment deadlines. She is very knowledgeable about Medicare and its process as well as the myriad of medical insurance plan options and providers. She can thus guide a client in the transition to Medicare and help bridge the transition to an appropriately selected medical plan. Moreover, Heather is excellent at timely follow-up to ensure one receives all approvals and required materials including correct medical insurance cards. She makes herself readily available for continued assistance and aims to be her clients' long-term medical insurance advisor and broker.
5 Ron Beattie - January 11, 2024
Heather was superb in helping find a plan that would let me see the doctors I want when my medical group woul not accept my Medicare HMO plan. She not only signed me up but has kept in contact to make sure I have my insurance card to start the next year and is always prompt in returning my calls.
5 Jennifer Ferris - December 27, 2023
Heather had helped me obtain the best coverage for my husband who has some challenging health issues. I highly recommend!
5 Doria Lore - December 22, 2023
Heather Rodgers was wonderful. She was knowledgable, thorough and kind as we explored all the choices we had to update our medicare insurance plans. We highly recommend her services. She has been attentive, following through to make certain the new insurance cards & information arrive. We're thrilled we found her ~ give her a call ~ she certainly makes the senior insurance process easy & fun.
5 Marci Killian - December 11, 2023
Heather is very helpful on choosing the right plan that’s best for your needs! She answers any questions that you ask! She knows her job very well! I highly recommend her!
5 Jimmy Hopkins - December 7, 2023
Heather was very helpful in sorting out my options when my medical provider stopped accepting my Medicare Advantage HMO. She is knowledgeable and explains everything clearly.
5 Naomi Jensen - December 4, 2023
Heather is very knowledgeable, thorough and honest. She explained our options very clearly and helped us choose the best plan for our needs. She followed through with us every step of the way to make sure we had access to all insurance information and correspondence, online and via US mail. She also let us know that she was available before, during and after initial set-up of new insurance for any questions and whatnot. You will be in excellent hands if she’s on your team!
5 Lisa Matthess - December 1, 2023
Heather was amazing! Extremely knowledgeable, thorough and exceptional follow up and attention to detail. I highly, highly recommend her!!
5 Deb Snow - November 28, 2023
Heather was great in guiding me through the Medicare maze when my doctor’s group Scripps Coastal dropped Scan and I had to find other insurance. She explained all my options, answered all my questions and helped me choose the right plan for me. I’m able to keep my doctor and hospital. I highly recommend Heather. She knows her stuff !
5 Margaret Frunzi - November 27, 2023
Heather was recommended by a friend and was such a pleasure to work with. She was very informative and was able to set up a new plan for myself and 4 other members of my family. Highly recommended if you're looking for hassle free and informative help with insurance needs.
5 Yvonne Hughes - November 24, 2023
Heather is very knowledgeable, helpful and offers much attention to detail. I think she really cares.
5 Jerry Henry - November 24, 2023
Heather Rodgers answered all our questions clearly, fully and completely. Her friendly attitude made our meeting stress free. We recommend her highly for her professional demeanor and efficient service.
5 Sheryle Reed - November 18, 2023
Heather has followed up with the process of my new insurance and kept me informed.
5 Colleen Kozlowski - November 17, 2023
I would give her 10 stars!! She has made transferring my insurance during the Scripps debacle very easy. I was in a panic and then I contacted Heather. It’s been seamless. Thank you Heather for giving your clients your personal attention. Change is hard… but you made it easy for me.
5 Lana Olmstead - November 14, 2023
Heather Rodgers is the caring, knowledgeable professional you can trust with your medical insurance needs. She was a tremendous help to me when it came to deciding on a Medicare Supplement that was right for me.
5 Joyce Fell - November 3, 2023
Heather Rodgers is the Best! She is Professional and a Expert in her field. Thank You Heather!😇
5 Cynthia Sharp - October 19, 2023
Heather took the mystery out of signing up for Medicare. I highly recommend Heather to anyone wanting to get through the Medicare mess. So easy with Heather!
5 Kelly Moffett - October 16, 2023
Heather has been very helpful and informative in assisting me with choosing a plan. As we have all learned, the whole Medicare process can be overwhelmingly confusing. My mind is at ease knowing that Heather will be there to help when I need it. I would recommend Heather to anyone that needs help with the Medicare process.
5 Diane Scoot - October 12, 2023
Fantastic help from Heather. I couldn't have done it without her. Excellent customer service.
5 Torrie Ann Needham - October 8, 2023
Heather has been able to assist me in navigating the best Medicare plan!
5 Nancie Lofgren - October 8, 2023
Heather was very knowledgeable and helped me and my wife choose the right plans according to our physical needs. She was also very prompt in answering our questions in the middle of setting up quite a complex Medicare plan and its various supplements. I highly recommend her…
5 Shahryar Kashanchi - September 23, 2023
Heather is a highly-qualified and experienced Medicare expert. She is a joy to work with and is compassionate and patient in answering any questions before, during and after the process. I recommend her wholeheartedly!
5 Cindy Vickers - August 21, 2023
Heather Rodgers has been very helpful with the Medicare process. It's hard to understand all the different plans, but she walked my husband and me through the process step by step. Every issue we encountered she was there for us. Every phone call and email answered. We could not have done this without her. I met her in Walmart several years ago and kept her contact information. If you need help she will not disappoint. Thank you, Heather.
5 Jean Everette - August 8, 2023
Heather Rodgers is a very competent and knowledgeable Medicare Insurance agent ! I contacted multiple agents until I found Heather Rodgers. I have been an Emergency Room Physician in Southern and Central California for 30 + years. So i know a little about insurance . Heather know a LOT ! She walked me through the application process and gave me the pros and cons of the different plans. She returned all of my emails and phone calls and made herself available for any questions or concerns. I highly recommend Heather Rodgers for you Medicare Insurance needs !
5 John Mardones - August 3, 2023
Heather is a jewel. Every easy to work with, help you understand the process. I am really happy to have her by my side
5 Frank Everette - July 31, 2023
Heather has been so helpful with helping me and my husband navigate the Medicare maze. She outlined everything so that we could understand and guided us through every step. She is the one to chose.
5 Glenna Heisler - July 21, 2023
Extremely knowledgeable and helpful, good follow through on everything so far!
5 David Honcik - July 10, 2023
I highly recommend Heather to guide you with your Medicare enrollment. She is extremely knowledgeable and caring. She will personalize options best suited to your needs and budget. She also follows up with you throughout the entire enrollment process.
5 Nancy Williams - July 5, 2023
Heather saved us a bunch of money and knew about discounts that we never would have thought of ourselves. Thanks again, Heather!
5 James Welch - June 11, 2023
Heather was able to gather all the info we needed, she was always available, and had great follow up.
5 Deanne Welch - June 11, 2023
Heather is very accommodating and knowledgable broker. She has helped me to understand the system. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone in need.
5 Boutia Moshiri-Kashanchi - April 29, 2023
Heather was terrific! She found the perfect plan for me and answered all my questions. It was very fast, efficient and easy.
5 Amy Blount - April 22, 2023
Excellent, complete, helpful and friendly service!
5 Doria Lore - April 20, 2023
Heather made the process so smooth and easy to understand, why would you try to figure it out on your own when Heather makes it painless!
5 Mike Gilbert - April 11, 2023
A big shout out to Heather Rodgers. Heather is a true professional and she did an awesome job educating me on Medicare and helping me navigate the options available me. What once seemed daunting to me actually turned out to be breeze thanks to Heather. I've already recommended her to other family and friends.
5 Mark Fleming - March 31, 2023
My husband, Kevin Reed, recently turned 65 years old, and needed some help with getting Medicare and a different insurance plan for his needs. Heather was helpful, and always checked in to make sure we completed items on time. She always replied back in a timely manner if you left a voicemail. I would definitely recommend Heather Rodgers for your Medicare and health insurance needs. Our friend, Colt Little recommend her to us.
5 Elizabeth Reed - March 9, 2023
Heather, is great to work with. She keeps me in the loop of things, and is a great reminder of what i need to keep up with. My first time, My husband and I are glad to have found her.
5 Lety Arias - February 28, 2023
Heather Rodgers has been instrumental in assisting me in finding the best medicare plan to fit my needs. She has exceptional patience and spent the time with me that I needed to understand the various plans and what my individual needs were. She helped me in understanding the specific information I needed on hand to apply for my medicare benefits and has been available to me ever since I applied. She is very kind and also extremely knowledgeable in what she does, I highly recommend her service for all your insurance needs.
5 Robert Waller - February 27, 2023
I contacted Heather Rodgers because I appreciated that she sent out just one mailer, 2-sided, informative and easily understood... no wasted resources or time, and I believe in supporting local businesses. From the beginning she has been readily available, efficient, and knowledgeable. She is always warm and courteous, and very patient, even during extremely busy times. The medi-medi plan Heather recommended for me is better than anything I would have imagined. Enrollment was easy. Heather follows up and makes sure you are satisfied, and she lets you know how much she appreciates you as a client in kind and thoughtful ways.
5 Gloria Johnson - February 6, 2023
I strongly recommend using Heather for Medicare enrollment. She is a Superstar! Highly recommend her
5 Darla Palestini - January 31, 2023
Update: Wanting to switch plans for 2023, not realizing the hour I called Heather (after hours most businesses) Heather cheerfully greeted me and went right to work to help me make an informed decision, sent link and stayed with me through my application. In addition she checked on approval status and let me know right away! I enter the new year confident my health care is in place and covered, I am grateful and fortunate to have Heather and her knowledge, positive attitude and genuine interest in the people she helps! Happy New Year!!!! .....previous post Provided the much needed help to navigate through Medicare system. To have someone so knowledgeable and personable to find the right fit for me that would have taken me much more time and less peace of mind had I gone it alone. I am very grateful for Heather. I am ready!
5 Lorena Gillies - January 26, 2023
Heather Rodgers was extremely professional, patient and knowledgeable in helping me choose a Medicare Supplemental Plan that would work best for me. She knew I was overwhelmed with the different coverages offered and answered all my questions: before, during, and after the process was completed. She also helped me in the step-by-step process applying for Medicare and what to do. I would definitely recommend Heather Rodgers for anyone who needs a qualified, experienced Medicare Insurance Representative. Kathleen
5 Kathleen Klimek - January 26, 2023
Heather made choosing my Medicare Advantage plan so easy. She is knowledgable and reduces a lot of the stress when it comes to making Medicare decisions.
5 John Shackelford - January 9, 2023
Heather Rodgers is an oustanding insurance broker who has helped me find the perfect Medicare plan for my health needs and location. I was speaking to a membership associate from Aetna Plus today, and she was blown away by how excellent my coverage is. I am grateful to Heather for finding me the perfect plan in my vicinity. She is always available and responds to me immediately whenever I leave a message. Heather tells me, "I will always be there for you." I believe her.
5 Susan McKinney - December 17, 2022

5 Duane DeStefani - December 3, 2022
I highly recommend Heather Rodgers if you are searching for a knowledgeable Medicare insurance agent. She has helped me tremendously and guided me through the Medicare maze of information. Her promptness in responding, her kindness, and her attention to detail was very important to me! In my mind I can see her smile shine through on our phone calls!
5 Linda Vaccani - November 14, 2022
Heather was very responsive and did a great job answering my questions. She helped narrow down plan options suitable for my needs and allowing me to find an affordable plan. Thank you, Heather.
5 Jean Tellier - November 3, 2022
Heather was very thorough in explaining the options available to me. Thank you. Christine
5 Christine Taylor - October 22, 2022

5 Stacey Kelley - September 17, 2022
Excellent! Highly recommend...
5 Penny Munro - September 17, 2022
Heather is the Best.! She is so helpful and kind. I would not use anyone else. She has given me such peace of mind .❤️❤️❤️❤️
5 Helen Mahoney - September 17, 2022
Heather has been a wonderful contact for me since I began having her help me with my medical insurance. I was not happy with my previous insurance and as I learn the ropes of Scan I have been blessed because it has been helpful in getting me what I need especially with transportation. Each time I contact Heather she has helped me and gives advice that has been beneficial. I thank God for her and know in time I will fully understand how to implement different aspects of Scan as my medical provider. 1
5 Donna Willard - September 17, 2022
Heather Rodgers has been instrumental in assisting me in finding the best medicare plan to fit my needs. She has exceptional patience and spent all the time with me that I needed to understand the various plans and what my individual needs were. She helped me in understanding the specific information I needed on hand to apply for my medicare benefits and has been available to me ever since I applied, if I needed any further help in understanding my coverage and if I had any questions on anything whatsoever. She is very kind and also extremely knowledgeable in what she does, I highly recommend her service for all your insurance needs.
5 Peter Palkovic - September 17, 2022
Thank you Heather for all your help in making the Medicare process much easier. I am very appreciative and look forward to working with you going forward.
5 Tom Tackes - September 17, 2022
Heather is extremely knowledgeable on the subject matter pertaining to Supplemental Health Insurance. Heather has a respectful approach in the way she presents options for the various health insurance options. We can personally say we are grateful that she recommended an alternative Health Care Provider. We were not unhappy with our current Provider, but the change to another proved to be of great benefit. We are pleased with our current Network & the perks this plan offers. Let Heather take care of your needs, you'll be nothing but pleased!!
5 John Farnsworth - September 17, 2022
Heather was instrumental in assisting my husband in understanding Medicare, applying for Medicare, and the different options we had. She then took care of the enrollment process and ensured we understood all of the benefits the plan has to offer. It has alleviated a lot of stress and work. And all at no charge! Thank you Heather for your patient and consideration with my husbands Medicare! I highly recommend YOU!!
5 Carol Marczynski - September 17, 2022
Thanks to Heather I was able to navigate the complexities of switching from one Medicare Provider to another. Piece of cake! Chris
5 Chris Chapin - September 17, 2022
Heather is motivated, conscious and keeps the client updated and confident in her knowledge and ability. I love saying I have a broker when I get calls trying to convince me differently. Im very happy with her commitment and care.
5 Janet Klein - September 17, 2022
Working with Heather was simple & easy. She answered all of my questions & diligently advocated for me when the insurance company was being difficult. I appreciate being able to navigate this overwhelming process with someone who has my best interest in mind. Thank you Heather!!
5 Jennifer Volcalino - September 17, 2022
Heather was a life saver! My mother was in in a bad car accident last year and I live in Georgia, due to her injuries and age I needed to move her across country to live with me. I had to care for her while packing up and moving her interstate, while she was in no state to deal with finding a new medicare plan to cover her in GA and this is where Heather stepped in and took care of it all. Even going so far as to become registered as an agent in Georgia so she could get my Mom signed up with a plan there. Besides doing this with the utmost efficiency, Heather's excellent level of communication, followup and genuine caring nature let me know I could trust her to get the job done, therefore I wasn't having to waste time and energy second-guessing her. This is rare in today's world and was a God-send for me and my Mom at that chaotic and stressful time. I can't recommend her enough!!
5 J&N Wood - September 17, 2022
Thanks to Heather Rogers. She saved me from the hassle of dealing with Medicare. I was scare, didn't know what to do. here come this Angel and saved me. Heather did all the paper work and she worked her magic as to where did have to worry about my SSi. This Angel didn't charge me anything. if you need help with any type of medical, Medicare, and any type of insurance PLEASE CALL HEATHER. Thanks to you Heather, life is great.
5 Sina Bennett - September 17, 2022

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