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Ralph Sirianni

Ralph has over 40 years of sales experience, primarily in institutional chemical supplies, and he is currently a corporate account manager for an international chemical manufacturer. He is also the former owner of a distribution company in based in Skokie, IL. Ralph received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology.

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Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith is the owner of Lauren Smith Insurance Services, Inc, and has partnered with Bridlewood Insurance Services in 2017. She has extensive training and has worked in the insurance industry for over 20 years. Lauren’s hard work and dedication to her craft have made her a top producer in her field. Her success has

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Kevin Leinum

Kevin Leinum is the owner of Capstone Insurance Services and has partnered with Bridlewood Insurance Services in 2018. Kevin has extensive training and has worked in the Senior market for the past 11 years. His hard work and dedication to his craft have made him a top producer in his field. Kevin’s success has come

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Bill McAllister

Bill McAllister is a Medicare agent based in San Diego, California. He has an Associates Degree in Business and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from San Jose State University. He also attended U.S. Navy Supply Group Officer School. After over 40 years in commercial furniture sales, Bill decided to switch gears and become a

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Sandra Mullins

Sandra received her Bachelor of Science in Communications from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She has been a very successful licensed Health Insurance Agent in Colorado since 1996. Sandra’s philosophy is to walk each of her clients through the Medicare landscape step by step to find the best insurance plan suited to their individual needs. Each

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Leah Bergman

Leah Bergman has a background in International Business with a minor in Spanish. She used her degree by working for a Japanese import/export company where she opened up distribution channels in Japan, Taiwan, and Korea. Leah learned while working for that company, the importance of customer service and building strong relationships with clients. Since that

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Tamara Alley

With an Associates degree in accounting, Tamara spent the bulk of her career in Corporate America and retail, primarily in Big Box stores, Technology and grocery stores, and finally exiting as a VP of Client Services, before she embarked on her Medicare career with passion and gusto.  During her career in retail she learned alot

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Barb LaMotte

Barb La Motte was introduced to Bridlewood Insurance in a recruiting seminar she attended in Denver. Everything clicked because she loves people, and she especially enjoys helping seniors. Barb is an outgoing person who is intrigued by meeting new people and building positive, fun relationships. She understands Medicare insurance can be confusing, but looks forward

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Kristin Arnold

Kristin has been a licensed insurance broker and marketing insurance for over 25 years. She specializes in moving employees from their group plan to Medicare. Kristin loves taking something that her clients perceive as overwhelming and making it digestible. She strives to keep her clients whole in their insurance plan. Kristin has a B.A. from

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Lynn Jester

Lynn Jester Medicare Agent Lynn spent 22 years as an internal, licensed insurance agent with UnitedHealthcare, where she helped thousands of people with Medicare. During her career with UnitedHealthcare, Lynn received numerous awards  and recognition for her outstanding performance. Lynn joined Bridlewood Insurance Services in October 2017,  where she continues to provide outstanding service to

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