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Grant Tiedemann

Grant has been a Bridlewood agent since October of 2022. He enjoys helping people navigate the Medicare world because it can be so overwhelming with all the calls and mailers that are sent out. Grant feels great meeting new people and becoming someone they can trust as well as helping the people he is already

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Khawja Quader

Khawja sells United Healthcare Plans and because he and his wife are enrolled in Medicare, he feels he has a unique perspective on understanding Medicare needs for others. He is very comfortable and enjoys speaking to either an individual seeking Medicare information or a group. Listening to people express their needs and being able to

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Terresa Park

Terresa grew up in the San Francisco Bay area and have lived in San Diego area and Temecula for most of my adult life. She has lived in Southern Oregon the last three years and loves it. She received her BA Physical Education from Azusa Pacific University and her Master’s Degree in Sport Management from

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David Park

With a degree in Biology, David has always been curious about how complex systems work. “It can always be a daunting endeavor when one first sets out to understand complex systems and how to conceptualize, and navigate through them . . . . but that’s what make me tick, it just speaks to me”.  He

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Jordan Carrillo

Jordan is from Oklahoma, born and raised. He studied at the University of Oklahoma for Bio-PreMedicine and Business Administration and has his Insurance License for Life, Health, Accident & Sickness. He decided to work with this prestigious company, Bridlewood Insurance, in early June 2022. This group of individuals has shown him dedication, and bright morals

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