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Rex Repaire

Rex has a Bachelor’s Degree in Athletic Training, from San Diego State University.  He is also a certified Medical Exercise Specialist and Institute of Motion Level 1 and Institute of Motion Level 2.  Rex has worked at Action Medical Products, where he created relationships with Medical Offices to place durable medical devices for patients, as

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Beth Edgell

Beth has been a long-term resident of both Orange and Riverside counties, and currently lives in southwest Inland Empire. She offers her clients a wide range of Medicare Advantage, Supplement and Prescription Drug plans. Beth’s background is in Financial/Accounting, Contract Administration, Life and Health Insurance, and Retirement Investment Planning.  She has also worked in the

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Kyla Beamon

From Oregon, Kyla graduated from Insurance school over 15 years ago and believes that it was the best thing she could have ever done. Working in the Insurance field for over 15 years in Oregon and Washington, Kyla enjoys educating people on how Medicare works including how to apply and what Medicare Advantage and Supplement

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Tamara Lee

After a rewarding career in nursing for eleven years, Tamara  got her Health and Life insurance license and began working for UnitedHealthcare as an Internal agent for four years.  She specializes in Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans.  She built a strong working relationship and friendship with another agent, Janis Lakkees, who told her she

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Tish Hutchinson

Tish has degrees in Business and Psychology and is a former Certified Nurses Assistant.  She also has over 20 years of experience in Bank and Finance, Life and Health Insurance, customer service, sales, real estate and mortgage.  She has been doing Medicare for several years, but was looking for an Agency to partner with that

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