Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids
As we age our senses begin to diminish and it seems like hearing is one of the first to go. Are you constantly having to ask people to speak louder or repeat themselves? This can become exhausting for both you and the person speaking but there is a solution that can make your life much simpler…hearing aids. Their importance can be overlooked but hearing aids have been known to improve the quality of life in those who wear them when compared to those who do not.

Does it seem like you are always having to ask people to speak up? Is it time to learn about hearing aids? Kenneth Podlenski, Au.D., from North County Audiology is a knowledgable professional who can assist you with choosing the right option to correct your hearing. This audiologist comes with my highest recommendation, so click on the link below or call his number to get an appointment set today.

Kenneth A. Podlenski, Au.D., FAAA
Doctor of Audiology
(858) 674-1910

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