What happens if my doctor no longer accepts Medicare payment?

While most doctors accept Medicare, some do not. If you turn 65 and your physician does not accept Medicare, you will have some decisions to make. Choosing to stay with a doctor that does not accept Medicare can result in high out-of-pocket costs for you. There is a difference between a doctor who does not accept Medicare assignment and one who completely opts out of Medicare. If they do not accept Medicare assignment, you may be responsible for an excess charge of up to 15% of a service’s cost. If your doctor opts out of Medicare, you will likely have to pay for 100% of their services out-of-pocket and at commercial rates, which can be significantly higher than Medicare. Unfortunately, if you don’t want to pay those additional out-of-pocket costs, you will have to switch to a doctor that does accept Medicare. If this is the case, talk to your doctor, ask them to recommend a local doctor who does accept Medicare. If your doctor does not accept Medicare, they have probably already prepared for this situation and likely have a Medicare doctor they refer patients to.

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