Trump vs. Medicare

Should You Be Afraid of Huge Medicare Changes Under President Trump?

You’ve probably seen headlines warning that Republicans want to radically change Medicare. Potentially alarming words like “privatization” have been thrown around. Should you be afraid of major changes to Medicare now that President Trump is in the White House?

What’s being proposed

The most talked about GOP proposal to change Medicare is House Speaker Paul Ryan’s “A Better Way” plan. A key part of this plan is to roll back all of the Obamacare provisions related to Medicare. That effort is already under way.

One change sought by Ryan and other House Republicans include combining Medi-care Parts A and B and gradually increasing the Medicare retirement age from 65 to … (more…)

New Benefits for 2017

New Over-The-Counter Benefit

durgs-bridlewood-newsletter-1-17Your new UnitedHealthcare Sharp and Plan 4 health plans now offer the Over-The-Counter Essentials that allows you to purchase health and wellness products from their website or a catalog that will be mailed to you in January.

Each quarter, you will receive $50 in Benefit Credits to purchase health and wellness products. All orders are shipped right to you at no extra cost for shipping, handling and taxes. If you use more Benefits Credits than you have available, please include a check or money order for the difference or you may experience a delay in shipment.

Benefit Credits expire at the end of each quarter and cannot be redeemed for cash. You cannot apply future credits to your order and each order must total at least $30 in Benefit Credits. Only products in the catalog are covered under this benefit and may only be used by the plan member.

How to Order by Computer: Go to

1. Click on Register and enter your information. When it asks for member ID, enter the 7 digit member ID from your UHC card. Don’t enter the –01

How to Order by Mail:

You will be sent a catalog in early January. Mail the completed order form in the postage-paid envelope. Mail orders must be postmarked by the last day of each quarter.

Questions ?

You can call Firstline Medical customer service at 1-877-795-4521 or call Bridlewood at 858-753-1920