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Ron Coyle


Vista, CA

CA Insurance License #0822246

+1 (760) 465-1969

Your Local Medicare Specialist

Ron has had a successful life insurance business as an independent agent for the past 23 years. As time has progressed he has come to recognize the growing need that individuals of his generation have in understanding all the options available to back up Original Medicare coverage. With Bridlewood’s full range of Medicare Advantage, Supplemental and Prescription Drug Plans Ron firmly believes there is no better place to provide for this service.

A California native, Ron has been a Vista resident since 1975. Married to his lovely wife Nannette for 43 years, they have two sons and four grandchildren.
A lifelong waterman, he and his family have shared many adventurous travels while surfing, diving and fishing throughout the Pacific region. He regularly mountain-bikes the backcountry trails of North County to “keep the heart and lungs strong”.

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Verified Reviews for Ron Coyle:

Ron is a highly competent expert. He is patient and considerate of his clients' needs, and a pleasure to work with.
5 Gary Kozlow - October 26, 2023
Last year Carol became eligible for Medicare and we were fortunate enough to talk to a friend from church, Ron. Several years ago when Read's eligibility began, he simply called the insurance provider we used for many years. The experience with Ron was far superior. He carefully and patiently answered our questions, going over the options until we were clear on the pluses and minus of each. He then followed thru to ensure that everything was accurate and that the policy was working as intended. We really appreciated him taking the time to go over statements with us to explain charges that were unclear to us. As we prepared for Read's latest surgery, we finally thought to ask Ron to look at Read's policy. He suggested some changes that give the same benefits and save us over $1,200 per year. We really wish we had both used Ron from the beginning.
5 Read & Carol Miller - May 3, 2023
Two years ago, at the recommendation of a good friend , I used Ron Coyle, Insurance Agent with Bridlewood Insurance Agency. I needed someone to assist me in finding the best medical insurance plan as I was preparing to retire. Ron was so knowledgeable in the industry, was able to explain the many different plans offered, and patiently discussed the benefits of each one as I weighed them out according to my personal needs. Tonight, we had Ron back in our home to walk my husband through the same process as he is planning to retire in January. It was like having an old friend sit at our dining room table. Ron is so passionate about helping people and has always taken the time to answer any questions that we might have concerning our insurance. I would highly recommend Ron to anyone looking for an insurance agent; he is man who has strong values, moral convictions and integrity. It was a delight to have him in our home once again.
5 Linda Urbina - December 1, 2022
I've known Ron for many years. I knew that when it was time for me to enroll in medicare I would put my confidence and trust in him to help me navigate the process. Having a knowledgeable agent like Ron takes all the guesswork out of selecting the right policy. He did a great job of explaining the options and was always promptly available when I had questions. I highly recommend Ron's services.
5 Fred Stephens - November 30, 2022
I have serious health problems and was having MAJOR problems with my previous physicians and Primary Care Provider (PCP). A top surgeon recommended I call Ron Coyle to arrange for better care. I did, and he is the BEST. He listened to me and quickly connected me with a new insurance company and PCP. I am delighted with his professionalism, his contacts, his expertise, and his follow-up.
5 Mike Maxwell - January 7, 2021
Ron was a very attentive and helpful agent helping me to navigate through the maze of Medicare plans. He was prompt with our meetings and thorough with his information. I really enjoy working with him and I highly recommend him.
5 Cynthia Bardeen - November 8, 2018
Ron is fantastic. He's pleasant, knowledgeable, no pressure. He's helped me tremendously to find affordable insurance that meets my special needs. He's gone out of his way to help me even in insurance help that he doesn't manage. You never pay for his services in help with Medicare and it doesn't cost you more to use use him, he will make your life easier. Oh, and he always answers the phone so it's easy to reach him. Highly recommend.
5 Sharon - February 5, 2018
Have known Ron personally for many years. He guided me into and through the process for medicare sign up. He was knowledgeable about my options, showed patience with my questions, understanding about any hesitance, and assisted me in making the best choice for my life-time insurance needs. I would recommend him to anyone. He wasn't a one-size-fits-all advisor. Our discussions looked at all options he offers and available for medicare needs, parts A, B, and D. If you are at that time when a decision needs to be made for the rest of your life, Ron will give you great advice and guidance. Glad to have chosen him as my agent to work with me.
5 Steve Ahle - December 1, 2017
We enjoyed meeting with Ron Coyle today regarding our Medicare Insurance needs and questions. He has a wealth of information and is very easy to talk with. Ron is knowledgeable, thorough and was very patient answering all of our questions. We would highly recommend talking with Ron. He will help make maneuvering through our Medicare system much easier for you. Thanks Ron!
4 Mike & Diane - June 11, 2016
Ron is an affable man who is knowledgeable in the areas of insurance and Medicare. He can answer those questions you don't know you have until you start speaking with him. He lays out the facts, some I was not even aware of even with all the information that was sent to me regarding Medicare. The point is there is so much information that it is overwhelming and I credit Medicare for all the information being laid out in plain English but that doesn't mean you know exactly what will fit your particular circumstances. Ron can help you pin point your particular needs. I enjoyed meeting him and feel secure that I will have someone to talk to if and when my circumstances change. It's great to have someone in my corner when it comes to something as serious as Medicare. Thank you Ron.
5 Jennifer K. - May 17, 2016
Ron is very knowledgeable about the Medicare plans and can explain everything in easy understandable terms. He is very patient with questions. If you are trying to work your way through all the Medicare information, I recommend you call Ron for assistance. It's also nice knowing he will be there when you need him afterwards with any issues that may arise.
5 Deborah Mougeotte - May 16, 2016
Ron Coyle is a excellent insurance agent.
5 Willie Mae Gardner - March 4, 2016
Ron was excellent. Just what I needed so I didn't have to sort through the mountain of Medicare info that I had received. Ron is knowledgeable and was well prepared to answer all of my questions in a patient and pleasant manner. He took the time and all was complete in one meeting :-). Thanks Ron, a real pleasure to meet you!
5 Gail Glass - February 4, 2016
I needed lots of help! Tons of mail that I didn't understand till I read Ron's newsletter. I called and he walked me thru the whole process returning my calls sometimes daily! When I met with Ron to complete my final signup it was like seeing an old friend I hadn't seen for years! My husband and I look forward to working with Ron again when Bob's retirement comes up. Call Ron he's the BEST!
5 Dixie Ralston - January 21, 2016

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