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Justus "Jay" Gray

Agency Manager

San Marcos, CA

CA License# 0e05290

+1 (760) 822-3385

San Marcos Medicare Agent Insurance Broker Escondido

Jay is a seasoned southern California insurance agent with more than 15 years of experience.   Medicare, Health and Life insurance are his specialties and he works with the majority of the major insurance carriers.   He feels proud and privileged to have the opportunity to work with his daughter, Heather, and enjoys the father/daughter working relationship!

After living in Big Bear for 10 years with his dad, Jay learned how confusing Medicare could be for seniors. The last year in Big Bear his Dad’s heath declined and all he had was VA coverage.  They learned first hand, the hard way, what not to do. And after his dad passed away in December 2009, he decided to specialize and concentrate in the Medicare insurance field.

Jay’s #1 job now is helping seniors better understand their Medicare options, answering all their questions, and helping them to feel comfortable and to make an informed decision on the best plan that fits their needs and their budget.

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Verified Reviews for Justus "Jay" Gray:

Nice job Jay...Thanks for help me out with my Medicare!
5 Jim Goodrum - March 17, 2022
Jay is my go to for all insurance needs. He just redid my life insurance - cut my premium in half with the same coverage ! Highly recommended !
5 Bill Kellaway - April 30, 2020
Jay is like having your brother help you with your insurance needs. Simple can’t say enough good things. He is on top of it always.
5 Steve Kemp - March 17, 2020
Jay Gray has gone beyond expectation and getting our insurance matters straightened out. I give Jay Gray 5.stars. For the health insurance he got us into. Thanks Jay for all you have done for Susan and I would recommend J Gray for his services
5 Peter M McKenney - March 17, 2020
Great company !!! Friendly, personable and knowledgeable. We all know how many different insurance choices there are and how confusing it can be to make choices, and you always hope you make the right ones, when it comes to insurance. Well Jay and Heather have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process and to help you make the right choice. They will explain to you all the options and help you with your decision. They make it simple and painless!!!
5 Ken Holland - March 17, 2020
I used this company to find anew Medicare Advantage Plan when I moved from Orange County to Riverside County earlier this year. Jay was very helpful and worked to find a plan that filled all my needs perfectly.
5 Pat J. - August 13, 2019
Having done a lot of my own research in getting a supplement when starting on Medicare this year, Jay was able to coordinate all the missing pieces I had and get me a superb plan that covered all my wishes for a nice price. He knows the business and can put your cares at ease. Looking forward to continued business. JT
5 Jennie T. - August 13, 2019
jay made my enrollment easy to understand questions answered, and made it painless it is great to know that there are still insurance salerep that cares about thheir patient instead of their poocket he made me feel i was not a number on his book.. thank you I will recommend his services to other friends and acquaintances
4 Nanet D - August 15, 2017
Jay is great!
5 Forrest Bethel - August 9, 2017
I met Jay about 9 years ago and he was able to guide me through the confusing Medicare supplement problem with concise, plain English answers. I have since recommended him to numerous friends who thank me every day for their insurance "savior"!!!!
5 Carole E. - August 6, 2017
The nicest man you will ever meet. Helped my husband and I out gratefully. With our own doctors and Medicare ...
5 Patti Kratzer - July 31, 2017
Jay provided me with an excellent health plan as soon ad I moved to California. He not only is very knowledgable in the health insurance business, but is very personable, reachable, and responsive to questions and concerns. I highly recommend him as an agent.
5 M. Rehrig - July 29, 2017
Very good agent, tends to all the insurance needs & has a wealth of knowledge about insurance
5 James Collins - July 29, 2017
Jay knows his business. I have referred many people to him for any insurance questions and he will find the best rate and coverage for you.
5 Shamanjon - July 28, 2017
Jay was very helpful to my husband and I last month. My husband was retiring and we were trying to decide on a supplemental Medicare plan. Jay made chosing a plan that worked for us painless and easy. He answered all our questions and helped us pick the plan that worked best for our prescription and medical needs and that we could afford. Thanks Jay
5 Jeanie Clart - July 28, 2017
Jay is consistent, knowledgeable and helps us each time we need his help. We're glad he's our guy.
5 Chris Chacon - July 28, 2017
Jay Gray is super responsive. Whenever I have had a question, he doesn't just refer me to the carrier, as some do, he looks up the info and provides it to me, and very quickly. Great service and attentiveness.
5 Susan Penn - July 27, 2017
I found Jay to be extremely knowledgable, friendly, easy to understand and willing to go the extra mile to make sure my wife and I had the best coverage for us. I highly recommend him for his expertise and integrity.
5 Terry Foster - July 27, 2017
Jay has been our agent for 5 years and has been right there for us with all of our medicare concerns. He has our confidence@
5 Yvonne B - July 27, 2017
My Wife and I have been with Jay for may years. I would like for you to come to my house and to review our Insurance. He was not only an Agent but a dear friend. THANK YOU. Pat & Diane
5 Pasquale "Pat" J Carnevali - July 27, 2017
Great guy, helped me a lot
5 Claude - July 27, 2017
Jay has always been a great help for me. Having MS can really make healthcare issues complicated. I would definitely recommend him.
5 Lori B. - July 27, 2017
Jay is the man. No nonsense, knows his stuff with no bull. When he doesn't have an answer, he researches, he doesn't make it up!! My wife and I have used him for years and have recommended him to friends and family. I also recommended him to all the members of the Johnson Valley Improvement Association, in Johnson Valley, Ca.
5 Harvey Helfand - July 27, 2017
Jay very caring and knowledgeable person. He helped me to find the best covered besides my Medicare. I really recommend him to all my friends when they need an agent. God bless.
5 Lydia Ritiau - July 27, 2017
Jay helped me and my wife with our Medicare options... He answered all our questions very clearly and helped us make an informed decision. We would recommend Jay to anyone who needs help understanding their medicare options. Thanks Jay......Fred and Daryl Monfared
5 Fred - July 27, 2017
Jay has always been top notch and very accessible whenever we needed help with our insurances.
5 Roger Grotewold - July 27, 2017
Excellent knowledge of the products. He always fully answers my questions in a complete and understanding way. I would recommend Jay Gray to anyone looking for health insurance.
5 Barry Penn - July 27, 2017

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