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Gary Rothman


Laguna Niguel, CA

CA Insurance License #0F92486

+1 (949) 257-7927

Licensed Agent in CA, AZ, TN, CO & ID

Licensed over 15 years in Life and Health Insurance, Gary specializing and certified in Medicare, Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plans, Medicare Supplement Plans (Medi Gap) Insurance, Prescription Drug Plans, Final Expense and Long-Term Care Insurance.  Licensed in CA, AZ, CO, FL, HI, ID, and TN. Born and raised in California, Gary grew up in Vallejo, CA. in the San Francisco Bay area close to the Napa Valley. Attended Military Academy, then California State University Chico- where he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration/Management.  Gary has been in Orange County for the past 30 years, and currently is living in Laguna Niguel.

“Putting the Care Back in Medicare” Being appointed, certified and approved by almost every major carrier helps Gary understand what the various companies and plans offer and more important what their differences are. What that means to you is that helping you to find the best plan for you based on your preferences, health and financial situation is what is most important. Every year Gary also offers to do a review and make sure your current plan is still the best for you. Your medications and health may have changed, let’s make sure it is serving you!

Helping to make Medicare simple to understand and be able to help to provide peace of mind for people having to sort through pages and stacks of information on Medicare.  “Always do what best for the client”. In this business to help people and in it for the long haul and it’s always an honor to be referred to family and friends of Medicare clients.

When deciding where to build his Medicare business, he chose Bridlewood because a mentor and friend of Gary’s recommended Bridlewood Insurance, upon checking them out one thing stood out of utmost importance to me. Bridlewood’s philosophy is “Always do what is best for the customer”. Not what is best for the agent. The integrity was paramount and lined up perfectly with his own philosophy.

Married to his wife Laura for 36 years, they have 2 kids and a daughter and son, also a dog, rabbit, and tortoise. Gary enjoys all types of cooking, sports especially Pickleball now which has become a passion. He is part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters, being a Big Brother and an on-going supporter. Since Covid-19 he has also developed an interest in baking Sourdough Bread. Being an entrepreneur, cooking, reading, anti-aging, indoor air quality and dancing.

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Verified Reviews for Gary Rothman:

Gary Rothman helped me tremendously. He took away the stress and is fully knowledgeable on the subject of Medicare options
5 Jacquie Glaser - July 21, 2023
Gary Rothman made changing Medicare insurance easy and pleasant!! Highly recommend him!
5 Virginia Genovese - May 18, 2023
The best , most phone pickin up and knowledgeable person we have found , highly recommend Gary Rothman at bridlewood
5 Neal Norman, REALTOR (B) - May 5, 2023
I'm writing this review about my experience with Gary Rothman who, in my opinion, is the most genuine, knowledgeable, and competent health insurance agent that I've been lucky enough to have found. If I could give Gary 10 stars, I would gladly check them all!! I have some very serious health issues and in order to get both specialty drug coverage as well as a larger network of doctors, I needed to change my current insurance policy (Medicare Advantage) to Medicare with a supplement - an involved process with a detailed application, policy approval and a limited enrollment period. Upon my very first contact with Gary, he was sympathetic to and understood my circumstances, explained what I needed to know and with my approval, immediately started the application process. Over the next 2 months, Gary fielded numerous delays, submitted several appeals with the insurer, worked with me to supply information that was needed and took the time to regularly keep me appraised of the progress. It was a long, tedious and often frustrating journey, but due to Gary's competency and persistence, I now have the Medicare insurance that is necessary to address my health needs. Gary's kindness, support and engaging personality were an added bonus! Thank you, Gary!
5 Barbara Morse - April 16, 2023
Gary Rothman is very knowledgeable of subject matter. His invaluable insight is most reassuring when making the right Medicare choices. He is personable and pleasant to work with. I have already recommended him to a friend and will continue to do the same with other friends and acquaintances.
5 Linda Cunningham - April 13, 2023
Gary Rothman was very knowledgeable and made himself available any time to help me with switching health plans.
5 George Kostyal - March 30, 2023
Gary Rothman was excellent to work with, he had a great understanding of all my options as well as being available for questions. I would highly recommend Gary Rothman as this was a 5 star experience.
5 Scott Buckley - March 15, 2023
Gary Rothman answered all my questions and was very patient and thorough! Thank you so much Gary! Allison Z
5 Allison Z. - March 2, 2023
I had the pleasure of Meeting Gary Rothman recently to go over my Medicare option. I have to admit I wasn’t sure what I was in for however, I was referred to Gary by someone that I trust. I and am so glad I was referred to him. Mr. Rothman was very professional and explained my options clearly and informatively. He took his time to answer any questions I may have had. His approach made our meeting very comfortable. Very quickly I realized that he was there to help me. I would recommend Gary Rothman to anyone who is looking at learning more about their Medicare options. His friendly and calm demeanor made the experience enjoyable as he was able to clarify questions and help tailor a plan for my needs. Thank you Gary!
5 Jay Rousseau - February 24, 2023
As turning 65 was approaching and the starting of Medicare comes with the age we were overcome with understanding the process and choices of Medicare. Contacting and working with Gary Rothman was the very best of experiences. He assisted us from start to finish. We gained a clear understanding of Medicare, the process and choices that were available to us. Gary took quite a bit of time in his explanations and simplified for us the Medicare application process along with assisting us in the filing of the required paperwork and supplemental insurances. Gary's professionalism; knowledge and outstanding service is so gratefully appreciated. We will always highly recommend Gary Rothman and his services. Thank you Gary for taking such great care of our needs.
5 Theresa Seradsky - February 16, 2023
Gary Rothman was so helpful and knowledgable about options and walked me through every step of the way. He treated me with respect and helped me navigate through a tough process with ease. He was available beyond traditional business hours which also was a great help.
5 Jean Nash - December 13, 2022
I’m so grateful for my broker/ agent Gary Rothman at Bridlewood; Gary is professional, kind, knowledgeable and patient. He took the overwhelmingly massive amounts of information about Medicare and summarized them into the steps I needed to take while also guiding me to sign up on time, choose the right plan for me, and get me covered by January 1,2023. He took the weight of it all off my shoulders and I’m confident he’ll be there to answer my future questions, too. I intend to refer my friends to him, thanks to his five star service! If you’re coming up on your Medicare birthday, like me, call Gary to get started!
5 Marla Kelley - December 9, 2022
Gary Rothman is the best agent that I ever came across. Highly knowledgeable. Thank you Gary!!!
5 Praveen Reddy - December 8, 2022
Gary Rothman is the best! He advised me of all of my options and then efficiently processed my application. I could not be more pleased. I have worked with gary in the past and he continues to be the best easy to work with, thorough and professional. I would higly recommend him.
5 Brad Shapiro - December 7, 2022
Gary Rothman took the time to analyze my needs. He took the time to explain the relevant details and help me to analyze the different options. I would highly recommend him to other clients.
5 Sherry Holburt - December 3, 2022
Gary Rothman is an excellent agent. So easy to work with, highly knowledgeable of Medicare, available by email, text, or phone. I am a difficult patient, 37 years old on Disability, so navigating the options was no easy task, but Gary knew exactly what to do. I’m so thankful for him!
5 Amanda Strader - December 3, 2022
I had many, many, many, many questions before deciding on which plans to go with and Gary Rothman was extremely patient. He spent a lot of time over multiple phone calls answering every question I had. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
5 Benjamin Acevedo - December 1, 2022
Gary Rothman is my insurance agent for Medicare. He is the way to go and I recommend him highly! He is a very knowledgeable and personable agent and saves you time not having to call the insurance companies, then waiting on line just to get different conflicting answers to my questions. I recommend him highly
5 Joe Faraci - November 30, 2022
Gary Rothman was excellent! He was knowledgeable about the products available and answered all our questions.
5 Ellen Wodiuk - November 28, 2022
Gary Rothman was superb! He found benefits for me at no charge that I didn't even know were possible! I highly recommend him.
5 Penny S. Tee - November 23, 2022
I’m turning 65 and for months now I’ve been receiving a significant amount of literature for Medicare and the more I read the more confused I became! Fortunately I received some information from Bridlewood Insurance more specifically Gary Rothman and I checked on his reviews and they were all 5 stars. I then contacted Gary and I’m happy to tell you, he lives up to his stars! He actually took the time to educate me on Medicare and the various options I had and he made my life much easier from that point on! I highly recommend anyone that is in the same situation as I was to contact Gary immediately! Thank you Gary !!!
5 Mario Delatorre - November 16, 2022
Gary Rothman did an excellent job describing my options and the pros and cons of each.
5 Mindy Rich - November 16, 2022
I feel very lucky that I connected with Gary Rothman, he was very helpful helping me choose a Medicare plan. You have no idea how much time I spent on the Internet researching. I know I required more time than the average person, but I am grateful that he hung in there with me. He has been in the business a very long time and he is very good at what he does. Yes I would recommend him.
5 Terry Pecora - October 23, 2022
Gary Rothman is excellent! He’s knowledgeable and experienced and he helped me quickly identify the best plan for me. I’m very appreciative and I highly recommend him!
5 Patricia Bradford - October 21, 2022
Gary Rothman has been a huge help locating supplemental insurance for us. He is very knowledgeable, thorough, and responsive. I’d highly recommend him.
5 Don Dickerson - September 21, 2022
Gary Rothman is a wonderful Medicare agent and helped answer all my questions. He really cares about helping to find the right plan for each person. I highly recommend him.
5 Solomon Roitshtein - September 13, 2022
Gary Rothman was a pleasure to work with. He was thorough and diligent and answered all of our questions. Would highly recommend his services.
5 Bonnie Suffridge - August 2, 2022
Gary Rothman was a pleasure to work with. He was thorough and diligent and answered all of our questions. Would highly recommend his services.
5 Bonnie Suffridge - August 2, 2022
Gary Rothman is both mine and my husbands advisor and we are more than pleased with him. He has not only guided us in the right direction, but helped us save money with good choices. He responds quickly and is very pleasant to deal with. We’ll definitely be referring him to our friends when they’re ready.
5 Pattie Lambert - July 23, 2022
Switching to Medicare is a daunting task, I am glad a friend recommended Gary Rothman to help. He is very knowledgeable and explains your choices in detail, with his help it was easy. I strongly recommend Gary.
5 Jose Diaz - July 22, 2022
Gary Rothman was exceptionally personable and informative. He educated me to my options and facilitated my decision. I would highly recommend Gary Rothman for his professionalism and great customer service!
5 Jeanne White - July 22, 2022
The services and information I received from Gary Rothman was totally careful, concise, caring and complete. He is extremely knowledgeable and experienced and truly cared that I got all the information I needed to make the best decisions. I highly recommend Gary to my friends and contacts.
5 Jon Schendel - July 7, 2022
I was able to talk to Gary Rothman & found out about the best Medicare B plan for me. it can be very confusing..... I felt Safe working with Gary because he explained each step to me & I know he will help me along the way..... Gary's Customer Service is 5*****
0 Diane Pichini Loehr - June 27, 2022
For those of you who need Medicare, I recommend Gary Rothman. I turn sixty-five this summer and needed a knowledgeable Medicare agent. I heard about Bridlewood agency in Rancho Bernardo, went on their website and found Gary Rothman. I called Gary and he responded right away and has ever since we connected. Gary is not only knowledgeable, but he is also patient, listens with full attention and asks for clarification or a further explanation so he can have the full picture of my needs in insurance. He explains the why and how a particular plan fits my needs. He talks and educates me at a pace that is pleasant and easy to follow. Medicare is challenging to wade through, and Gary makes it easy to understand. He also makes sure to address potential consequences of choosing one plan over another. I am very appreciative of Gary as my insurance agent. I have peace of mind knowing I can call him, and he will provide me with the info I need. Many thanks Gary, Helen B
5 Helen B - June 27, 2022
Gary Rothman was extremely helpful in helping me navigate my Medicare options. I couldn’t have done it without him. He answered all my questions and was very thorough in his explanations. I would recommend him to anyone trying to navigate Medicare options.
5 Barbara London - June 15, 2022
I was dealing with so much stress about Medicare and Mr. Gary Rothman basically held my hand all the way through. Explaining everything and giving me options to choose from. I will recommend him to everyone I know.
5 Kim Nona - June 14, 2022
Gary Rothman was very helpful in explaining the medicare options. He is thorough and responsive.
5 Wade Brown - May 18, 2022
Gary Rothman was a great help getting me set up with health insurance coverage. Time was of the essence and Gary got enrolled in a very timely manner.
5 Priscilla Matye - April 28, 2022
Gary Rothman is without a doubt the " best" insurance advisor! I have gone to a number of presentations and have spoken to other advisors as I navigate from PPO to Medicare with a Medi-Gap supplement. Even though I consider myself very educated on insurance, this transition is not that simple. The explanations as well all the choices available can be very confusing. My husband and I were so fortunate to work with Gary. Don't waste your time with anybody else! He will guide you patiently and educate you to make the best decision possible for your future insurance needs.
5 Phyllis Blanc - April 11, 2022
Thank you Gary Rothman for making our transition to Scan an easy one. We needed someone like you to answer questions and show us comparisons. You helped us make an informed decision on this major change. Thank you for your time and knowledge!
5 Jan Maddox - April 3, 2022
Gary Rothman helped me through the Medicare maze. He gave me my options so I was able to get the plan that works best for me. He was very thorough and caring. I could not have asked for a nicer and professional person.
5 Annette Gottlieb - March 27, 2022
Gary Rothman took such good care of me and my concerns regarding Medicare. His knowledge is amazing. He helped me in what was a very stressful time. He thoroughly went over all the options that were best for me . I cannot thank him enough for all his hard work. Most of all I felt like he really cared. Sincerely Annette Gottlieb
5 Annette Gottlieb - March 24, 2022
Thank you Gary Rothman for all your help
5 Aida Lippert - February 1, 2022
Gary Othman is highly knowledgeable, very responsive, and has the client's interests first and foremost at heart. Gary told me the information he needed to advise me on my Medicare options, and spent considerable time going through those options. In the end, given that my employer provides health benefits for me and my wife, and my income was above the Medicare threshold, Gary advised me to not take advantage of Medicare when I turn 65. I greatly recommend Gary to anyone needing a Medicare broker/advisor.
5 Ron Ottinger - January 10, 2022
3:15 4 < Review [ Share Assist Birdeye Ron Ottinger- Posted 12 min ago Gary Rothman is highly knowledgeable, very responsive, and has the client's interests first and foremost at heart. Gary told me the information he needed to advise me on my Medicare options, and spent considerable time going through those options. In the end, given that my employer provides health benefits for me and my wife, and my income was above the Medicare threshold, Gary advised me to not take advantage of Medicare when I turn 65. I greatly recommend Gary to anyone needing a Medicare broker/ advisor.
5 Ron Ottinger - January 10, 2022
Gary Rothman was very helpful in assisting my father change his insurance plan to a Medicare Advantage plan. Gary was very knowledgeable, responsive and patient. I am so grateful for his help to get my father on the right plan for his needs. I would highly recommend Gary!
5 Sarah Feinman - January 5, 2022
Gary Rothman was very helpful and knowledgeable. He made me feel very comfortable with my choice. I will refer him to my friends. I will be happy to work with in the future.
5 Paula Shoemaker - December 14, 2021
My experience with agent Gary Rothman was so helpful in making Medicare & medical decisions during the current enrollment period. He gathered all the information I need to make an informed decision.
5 Barbara Mooring - December 8, 2021
My experience with Agent Gary Rothman has been so helpful & informative in this Medicare enrollment period. He provided me with all the information I needed to make an I formed decision.
5 Barbara Mooring - December 8, 2021
Gary Rothman is the BEST !! I have not changed my part d plan because I could not find an agent I trusted with my private information and also who knew how to get the best plan for me UNTIL I met Gary Rothman. I immediately knew I could trust him and saw that he has a total command of the business for both for medigap and part D plans . It was so easy ! He gave me the best three options and gave me terrific advice on which plan I should choose . He is very personable and knowable ! I will be using Gary Rothman from now on for all my Medicare options in the future! I absolutely bight recommend Gary Rothman !
5 Bonnie Lrishel - November 13, 2021
Gary Rothman walked me through the process and gave me a Medicare lesson that was easy to understand. He helped me to enroll in a plan that was best for me. He was honest and knowledgeable.
5 Kay Tan - July 13, 2021
Gary Rothman guided us through the process professionally and thoroughly. He made the process of signing up for Medicare easy and worry free. We appreciate everything that he has done for us and would not hesitate to recommend him.
5 Arnold Rivero - January 15, 2021
Gary Rothman of Bridlewood Insurance was amazing! Responsive, knowledgeable, kind, compassionate. So happy I was referred to Gary.
5 Patricia Rosenbaum - January 13, 2021
Simply put: Medicare = Gary Rothman! He is like any other angel watching over you. Working 24/7 and taking care of your personal plan even when you’re not aware. He really cares! Gary helped me through what I was expecting to be a monumental task, with ease. Efficient, professional, polite and personable. There’s no where else you need to look for help. Thanks Gary!
5 Connie Tolan - January 4, 2021
I highly recommend Gary Rothman who did a great job getting us into the right Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan and Prescription Drug Plans. Gary is very professional, knowledgeable, informative, friendly and was extremely responsive to all of our needs, concerns and questions. I would highly recommend Gary to anyone looking for an individual who genuinely cares, knows his business and puts his customers first.
5 Bonnie Noggle - December 29, 2020
Gary Rothman is great!! He is very professional, knowledgeable, informative, friendly and is extremely responsive to his customers needs, concerns and questions. I would highly recommend Gary to anyone looking for an individual who genuinely cares and puts his customers first.
5 Jim N. - December 29, 2020
Always Great working with Gary Rothman there when you need anything
5 Colin Hilborne - November 13, 2020
Gary Rothman you are one of the best..and Thank you so much!!
5 Lina Ryan - October 6, 2020
Gary Rothman is incredible! I waited too long to begin this princess of signing up and then choosing Medicare and a supplement. I knew nothing of what I was supposed to do. Thank goodness we chose Gary Rothman to guide us through this whole process! He was incredibly knowledgeable of both the process and the available products, took the time to research which plan was best for me and my prescription and medical needs, and never flinched when I lost an email, needed repeated directions, had technology problems or asked a zillion questions. After hearing from friends that felt alone throughout this process, my husband and I are so thrilled we had the direction, knowledge and support of Gary Rothman. Even Covid didn’t slow Gary down! He has been 100% responsive and we know we’re in the best hands possible. Hello 65 - I’m covered and I’m ready for you!
5 Kathy Marvin - September 30, 2020
I have worked with Gary Rothman, who have proved to be extremely professional. He always responded on all my questions in a timely manner. he is very knowledgeable, have great quality and value. i would recommend him to all my friends.
5 Anna Oshin - July 17, 2020
Gary Rothman was very patient and professional.
5 Kathy Shapiro - July 8, 2020
Great experience. Gary Rothman was very easy to work with. Was very knowledgeable. Answered any questions I had to my satisfaction. Working with him was a pleasure.
5 Tim Tsuneta - May 12, 2020
I give five stars for the entire experience. Gary Rothman really helped me get a better package. Will recommend him to my friends as they sign in to Medicare.
5 Robert Lambert - April 27, 2020
Hi, I am not on Facebook or Google. I DO want to respond to your inquiry with a positive review for Gary Rothman. He was extremely helpful, understanding & patient. He walked me through each step, answered same questions more that a couple of times & followed up days later with info where seniors can shop early in my area. He is personable, ethical when explaining guidelines & limitations etc. Can't say enough how much I appreciated Gary's insight & compassion during an overwhelming time. Never met the guy but will refer clients to him without hesitations. Grateful!
5 Anna Monahan - March 24, 2020
Gary Rothman did a great job for me. Figuring our my options was very confusing. Gary clarified the process and made solid recommendations. He answered my questions. His experience came through. One meeting and two short phone calls... we got it done. Thanks.
5 Ben Rich - March 23, 2020
Gary Rothman was very helpful in bringing clarity to a most difficult task; sorting out the policies and guiding me to the one that best met my needs.
5 Ben Rich - March 20, 2020
I received fantastic service from Gary Rothman. I will refer anyone who needs assistance in the future to him. Thank you for the great service!
5 Karen Halaby - March 19, 2020
Gary Rothman helped me tremendously figuring out which Medicare plans were available to me. He is patient and explains all the ins and outs very clearly. HIGHLY recommend Gary.
5 Elize Kikkert - March 19, 2020
Agent Gary Rothman was well informed and had example stories to help us make the right choice after making the wrong choice last May. We hope to be with him for years to come
5 Linda Muir - March 18, 2020
I give five stars for the entire experience. Gary Rothman really helped me get a better package. Will recommend him to my friends as they sign in to Medicare.
5 Robert Lambert - March 18, 2020
Gary is kind, thorough and went well beyond normal to satisfy every question I had. He’s fantastic.
5 Patricia Williams - February 27, 2020

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