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Elizabeth Moote


Elizabeth Moote - Medicare With Liz

Elizabeth’s work background has always been in the Insurance field. She has worked for over 10 years in the Insurance Industry. Initially she worked for Insurance Companies processing claims and customer service. Then worked as a medical biller for a Skilled Nursing Facility. For the last three years she has worked with Colonial Life focusing on Supplemental Benefits for employees.

Elizabeth is now working with Medicare Insurance, and helping individuals navigate their way through to find the best product that fits their needs. She helps them to understand how Medicare works and what the next step for them is.

Elizabeth has always loved helping people. It is one of the things that makes her happy. Elizabeth’s family and friends have told her many times, that she should help people with their insurance needs, because she understands it. In March of 2019, she was introduced to Bridlewood and its opportunities to help those who have Medicare understand and enroll in the plan that fits best for them. It has been a great fit thus far.

Elizabeth has found that working with people to help them get the Medicare plan that is right for them is the most satisfying work she has ever done! As she has been doing Medicare Enrollments, she loves sitting with people and listening to their needs, then working together to find the best plan out there for them.

Elizabeth lives in Nampa Idaho and has been there for over 20 years. She loves Idaho, though she never thought she would, but it has been a great place for her and her husband to raise their 5 children.

Elizabeth and her husband Dale have 5 children. Ben, their oldest, lives in Georgia. Jared, is in Nampa, and he is the father of their 1st Grandson, Rhonan. Elise, their oldest daughter lives in Indianapolis and has just purchased her 1st home. Teresa is engaged to Joseph Ramsey and is hoping to be employed as a Psychology Lab Manager at a Major University soon. Their last daughter is Aubrey, she is 15 and a Sophomore in High School who loves volleyball.

When she gets the time, Elizabeth loves to sew and quilt. She loves to put together different pieces of material to make a beautiful warm snuggly quilt, made with lots of love. She told her husband when they first got married, ‘someday I’m going to quilt, and it’s going to cost you lots of money.’ That amount is growing to this day.

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Verified Reviews for Elizabeth Moote:

Liz was very helpful . She explained my Medicare options and made it easy to understand.
5 Shawn Greer - October 9, 2021
Elizabeth went out of her way to meet all my needs! She was/is great to work with navigating this whole Medicare thing!
5 Paula Mikkelson - July 27, 2021
I was so confused and Elizabeth was patient and very knowledgeable and helped me get the perfect insurance for me, it was my first year with medicare . I just think she is a wonderful insurance agent, very personal.
5 Leah Johnson - February 16, 2021
Don't even know where to start.I met Elizabeth Moote at Wal-Mart back in November.we talked for awhile and she was very helpful in helping me with a plan that worked for me and her knowledge was very impressive.I've reached out to her on a few occasions once again very helpful.she goes above and beyond her job.had I not stopped and spoke with her I wouldn't be having my teeth fixed now.ty.
5 Richard Kellar - February 10, 2021
Elizabeth Moote is wonderful. Knowledgeable, Efficient, trustworthy and able to answer questions and knows the answers. I learn alot fm her newsletters. Always available. Great asset to your company
5 Joann Mancini - January 14, 2021
Elizabeth Moote is wonderful. Knowledgeable, Efficient, trustworthy and able to answer questions and knows the answers. I learn alot fm her newsletters. Always available. Great asset to your company
5 Joann Mancini - January 14, 2021
After trying to look for plan information that fit my needs and my budget I was having anxiety attacks. I called Liz and as soon as we spoke, she found a plan, went over it and made sure I understood! I wanted to cry as the tension left my body. She is amazing!
5 Priscilla Cooley - December 12, 2020
I was so confused and bombarded with phone call from multiple states. Liz listened to what did not work for 2020, and gave me info on plan perfect for me! She had me in tears I was so happy. Liz is amazing!
5 Priscilla Cooley - December 8, 2020
Our Agent was Awesome! She went out of her way to help us get the policy we need. Elizabeth ROCKS !!!
5 Robert I Cooley - December 8, 2020
Elizabeth Moote Was very helpful and spent quite a bit of time making sure we understood everything. When I called she called back and we are very pleased with our insurance
5 Sandy Golden - June 7, 2020

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