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David Park


Grants Pass, OR


+1 (541) 249-9575

Proceeding with the confidence earned through diligent learning.

With a degree in Biology, David has always been curious about how complex systems work. “It can always be a daunting endeavor when one first sets out to understand complex systems and how to conceptualize, and navigate through them . . . . but that’s what make me tick, it just speaks to me”.  He first became a licensed insurance agent in 1996, at a time when he had a bit more hair, and it was a vastly different environment – we had the yellow pages and dial up modems, and the internet was just for browsing.  What a change!  David believes that even with all of the information at our fingertips these days, the challenge is not getting access to the information, the challenge is understanding it.  He gets excited about teaching folks the basics of how medicare works, so they can have the confidence to make the right choice for themselves.  He says Bridlewood has long been dedicated to supporting people like himself. Regular agents who are passionate about helping seniors understand their health options. The choice to be affiliated with Bridlewood has always been a clear and obvious one. No one does it better than Bridlewood!  Without a doubt, the favorite part of his job is the look on the face of someone who is beginning to understand Medicare for the fist time – it is priceless!  It’s like a lightbulb just went off in their head and a shroud of confusion has been lifted.  To him that’s what it is all about.  That’s when he knows, all is right with the world and he is doing something special.

David grew up in San Diego, a beautiful place. But nothing can compare to the beauty of southern Oregon, with its deep green trees, turbulent rivers, and majestic geography. He and his wife, Tesa, met in college. She was an athlete, so they had a lot in common. After some years of dating, they decided to get married and start a family.  Three kids later, and she is still putting up with him, after all these years.  David’s father kept bees, and he wanted to continue a family tradition. He never knew that the hobby would grab a hold of him to the extent it has.  Bees are complicated, and simple, they are so predictable and also confounding, they are frustrating and satisfying. Yup they are just about perfect.

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