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Cindy Rinehart


Colorado Insurance License #340654

(303) 877-5999

At Bridlewood Insurance, we pride ourselves on having the best trained, most knowledgeable, and caring agents. We have Two Unbreakable Rules . . . 1. ALWAYS do what is best for the client, EVERY TIME, and 2. ALWAYS follow Rule #1.

Bridlewood Agents can walk you through what Medicare is, the different parts of Medicare, and what your options are for supplemental insurance to take care of costs that Medicare doesn't cover. By going through the items that are important to you - who are your doctors, do you have specific health concerns you are dealing with, what prescription medications you are taking, do you travel or live in different areas of the state or country, etc. - our Agents can help educate you on all the various plans that are available so that you can confidently make the choice of the most appropriate plan to meet your needs and budget. And because the agent is compensated by the insurance company, our services are offered at no cost to you.

Why struggle with trying to weave your way through the complicated Medicare maze, when you could work with a Bridlewood Agent and have an agent for life. When you sign up for a plan with one of our agents, that is just the beginning of your relationship. You can count on your agent to keep in touch with you, assist with customer service issues and billing questions, get information on other services you may need, and much more.

Let Bridlewood help you on your Medicare journey!

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Verified Reviews for Cindy Rinehart:

BIG THANKS to Cindy R. for Great Service, Knowledge, and Skill.....and Patience!...Answered so many questions, and better yet walked me through the entire process! Always ready to help! I feel very good about the Plan she recommended! Awesome job!
5 Robert Thayer - August 30, 2021
I worked with Cindy Rinehart to enroll in Secure Horizons. She explained everything to me in detail and spent a great deal of time in answering all my questions. She was awesome!!!
5 Diana Huber - April 13, 2020
If you are soon to be (or already) retired you are aware of the mind-boggling numbers of Medicare Advantage plans available to you. In my own experience, I started to educate myself 5 years before my retirement date. There is a LOT of information out there. Sifting through it all is no easy task when searching for a plan that will work for you in retirement. That is where Cindy Reinhardt at Bridlewood Insurance comes in. I wish I knew her before I started to research all the options. She visited my wife and me in our house and explained several options that she felt were best for our particular situation. She is very detail-oriented and was able to answer all of my many questions. We ultimately settled on a Medicare Advantage program through AARP. This program is paid for out of the Medicare deduction taken from our Social Security Benefit. There is no other out of pocket cost to us as Medicare recipients. This plan was far superior to any I had researched on my own in terms of cost and benefits and were it not for Cindy I would never have known about this particular plan. If you are researching Medicare Plans on your own I would suggest you simply make a call to Cindy and she will provide all the information you need to select the plan that is right for you. She will do all this at no cost to you and no obligation. It just doesn’t get any better than that. Thank you Cindy.
5 Doug Waddingham - March 19, 2020
Cindy Rinehart has been our insurance broker for many years. She has always been very helpful in answering questions, explaining all the different plans. We look forward seeing her every year. It has been a great experience. Thank you Diane Tate
5 Diane Tate - March 19, 2020
Cindy Rinehart came to our home and ex plained thoroughly the new Medicare Advantage plan. We invited a friend to come over and listen to Cindy also. Cindy is a very caring and helping person. Our friend signed up with her also on the new plan. She is the best of the best! Thanks Cindy! 😊
0 Mary Heins - March 19, 2020
I am so pleased to be able to give 5 stars to Cindy Reinhardt who works with bridlewood. My experience with Cindy has always been the best of the best. She never fails to return my calls to give me answers almost immediately whenever I have a question and she's very experienced and knowledgeable about her products. Thank you for this opportunity to praise bridlewood and Cindy Reinhart.
5 Lynnie Power - March 18, 2020
Cindy Frewen Rinehart did a great job of explaining the new Medicare Advantage Program and helped me decide on the best plan for me for my future plans. So satisfied I referred friends and family to her, the ultimate compliment. Thanks Cindy
5 Doug Busby - March 18, 2020
It is an absolute privilege to recommend Cindy Reinhardt and bridlewood insurance. Cindy is very knowledgeable and knows her products inside out so I feel very confident that I have made the right decision in the plan that I have chosen for my insurance needs for my future. I highly recommend Cindy and bridlewood to anyone looking for insurance, you will feel confidence and peace of mind in your choice.
5 Lynnie Salaffin - March 18, 2020
it is such a privilege to recommend Cindy Reinhardt and bridlewood insurance.I have been doing business with Cindy for quite a few years now because she is trustworthy to guide me in the right direction for all of my needs. if I leave a message for her to call me, I never have to wait for her return call. she is very knowledgeable about all the Medicare ins and outs, and I feel confident knowing that I have made the right decision for all my needs. I would highly recommend Cindy and bridlewood insurance. you can rest assured you have made the right decision doing business with them
0 Lynnie Power - March 18, 2020
Cindy Frewen Rinehart did a great job of explaining the new Medicare Advantage Program and helped me decide on the best plan for me for my future plans. So satisfied I referred friends and family to her, the ultimate compliment. Thanks Cindy
0 Doug Busby - March 18, 2020
Cindy Reinhardt has been our agent since we retired. She has always been there to answer any and all questions. She is very familiar with her products. We trust her to take care of us.
5 Janet Abresch - March 17, 2020
Our experience working with Cindy Rinehart has been excellent. She takes time to thoroughly explain our plan and our options. We have referenced others to her.
5 Julie Newman - March 17, 2020
Cindy Rinehart is the ultimate medicare insurance agent. She approaches every client with a deep respect for what is best for them regardless whether they buy insurance from her. She goes the extra mile to communicate and work through the entire process. She is patient, thorough and extremely knowledgeable. What is even more important is the follow up whether they are clients or not. She has a wonderful ability to build a close relationship that tends to last for years with every client. To help sort out the confusion of this decision, you can't work with a better agent.
5 Andy Rinehart - March 17, 2020
Cindy Rinehart helped my mother with her insurance a couple of years ago and I was very impressed with her. When my doctor retired I needed to change my insurance to comply with what my new doctor accepted. She helped me do that very efficiently and also checked on my other doctors to see if they took the same insurance. She saved me a lot of time and hassle. She definitely has my recommendation.
5 Judy Marken - March 4, 2020
Cindy Rinehart is an incredible agent for you, so knowledgeable and save me money without compromising on the plans. I am so grateful for her. Kind and compassionate, thank you!!
0 Merle Ball - March 3, 2020
Cindy has been so helpful and professional. She has answered my many questions and is always pleasant, prepared and quick to follow up. I am not sure what I would have done without her.
0 Janet Carlson - March 2, 2020

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