Join Our Team – FAQ for Agents

Who is Bridlewood Insurance Services?

Bridlewood Insurance Services began in 2014 by Jeff Wetzel, President & CEO, specializing in Health and Life insurance products. Bridlewood Insurance Services is an SGA with United Healthcare and is organizing a solid team of professionals to recruit and support agents in building their Medicare business.

Do You Give Offer Client Leads?

We want you to be in this business for a long time, and by teaching you how to market and get leads, you will not be disenfranchised by empty promises. Many firms use the phrase “free leads” that may include contacts that are out of date or invalid.

How do I build my base of Leads?

Leads come from a variety of sources and we will teach you how to get those leads in a way that will not compromise the CMS regulations or your license. Our training includes all parts of the business to ensure you understand the whole business. When we get leads, we provide them to our agents. We do not use leads to entice you we believe that“honesty is the best & only policy” here at Bridlewood Insurance Services.

Bridlewood Insurance Services is designated as an SGA, please explain this.

This is the designation given by United Healthcare to their top producers in the U.S. Bridlewood Insurance Services is very proud to be a part of this very select list. It is a great honor knowing that we have earned this designation so quickly as other designated SGAs have been in the industry for decades It says a lot about who we are and what we do for our agents!

What makes Bridlewood Insurance Services different from other organizations?

Bridlewood Insurance Services is a business built on old-fashioned values. Be upfront, be honest, be ethical, do what you say you are going to do, and make sure our agents have the training and support that sets us apart from the crowd. Our reputation continues to build following these principles and we build on them everyday.

Medicare insurance is booming. Is that correct?

The opportunities for agents to increase their sales is based on 10,000 people a day turning 65. That’s nearly 2000 per month in the Southern California area. Offering Medicare Advantage (MA), Medicare Supplement and Prescription Drug Plans (PDP) offer residuals up to 10 years- which can be very lucrative!

I heard that the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) is the most lucrative time of the year to sell Medicare plans—is that true?

This is indeed a time of year where every one of those people has the ability to change plans. There are about 49 million people enrolled in Medicare and this period of time is only 7 weeks long. It can be a very busy time for agents.

Can I sell Medicare insurance plans year around?

Yes! Many agents are selling year around because of the amount of people turning 65 every day. The commissions are good, residuals are great, and it helps to provide a steady and lucrative income stream for your future!

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