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What does it cost to work with you?

There is no cost to partner with us to build your business. If there are specific fees to work with a carrier, you will be told about them up front. We will not charge you for our training or assistance, nor do we have any hidden fees of any kind.

How many carriers do you work with?

We work with the top Medicare carriers in the industry. When you understand that one out of every five people in the U.S. has a Medicare plan with United Healthcare, you can see that it is the flagship contract in the industry. The second largest carrier in Medicare is Humana and we carry that one as well. Bridlewood Insurance Services works with other reputable carriers as well, such as Mutual of Omaha and Anthem BCBS. We constantly evaluate the market to determine if there is another national company that should be in our portfolio.

Other companies have many carriers, why do you work with just a few?

Bridlewood Insurance Services evaluates the carriers and aligns itself with carriers that are very well respected, and that have good industry reputations for being consistent in their benefits and their ability to pay claims. We feel that it is unnecessary and often a waste of time to have contracts with a large number of carriers when the top carriers are often the ones that are sold anyway. You do not make money contracting so don’t spend your time contracting and certifying on plans that you probably will never sell.

What if I find a carrier I want to sell, but you don’t offer that contract?

That is not a problem. Bridlewood Insurance Services encourages you to get any contracts that you feel you need for your specific market. We do not hold you captive to sell only our contracted carriers. It is our experience that small carriers have a benefit package that tends to yo-yo from year to year. We will teach you why you don’t want to write for those kinds of carriers.

How many states are you contracted in?

Bridlewood Insurance Services Insurance Group is contracted in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

I am an independent agent, can I contract with Bridlewood Insurance Services?

Absolutely, and we have a very large group of agents that are independent and successful. By utilizing our expertise and training in the Medicare market, you will quickly learn the best way to build your business.

I am a part of an Agency that wants to add Medicare to our portfolio. What do I need to do?

Contact one of our team and let us help you determine what is the best way to contract. We process an incredible amount of contracts per year and can assist you in determining the best contract for your agency. Whether you are a local agency or a large agency, we have the tools and people in place to be successful and/or to grow your agent base. We are here for you.

What sets you apart from your competition?

We feel that one of our biggest assets is availability. We usually respond to questions within a few minutes or hours, not a few days or weeks. We know that pressing questions come up while in the sales process or in regards to your commissions. You have access to us after hours and weekends to help you get the job done right!

Is there anything else that makes you different?

We think there are a lot of things! If you want a real sense of what makes us different, give us a call. You will see that we are honest, ethical and easy to talk to. We want to help you get ahead in your business and will work with you to learn how we can be of service to you as a partner in your Medicare business.
If you are successful, we are successful!

Who pays my commissions?

We prefer that you be paid directly by the carriers and we set it up this way whenever it is possible. We do not believe in touching any part of your money, or delaying your paycheck in any way. Many competitors do not have the agents paid directly.

We are looking for talented agents to join the Bridlewood Insurance team. If you are interested in becoming an agent in our organization, fill out the following contact form and a representative from our office will be in touch with you shortly.

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