New Benefits for 2017

New Over-The-Counter Benefit

durgs-bridlewood-newsletter-1-17Your new UnitedHealthcare Sharp and Plan 4 health plans now offer the Over-The-Counter Essentials that allows you to purchase health and wellness products from their website or a catalog that will be mailed to you in January.

Each quarter, you will receive $50 in Benefit Credits to purchase health and wellness products. All orders are shipped right to you at no extra cost for shipping, handling and taxes. If you use more Benefits Credits than you have available, please include a check or money order for the difference or you may experience a delay in shipment.

Benefit Credits expire at the end of each quarter and cannot be redeemed for cash. You cannot apply future credits to your order and each order must total at least $30 in Benefit Credits. Only products in the catalog are covered under this benefit and may only be used by the plan member.

How to Order by Computer: Go to

1. Click on Register and enter your information. When it asks for member ID, enter the 7 digit member ID from your UHC card. Don’t enter the –01

How to Order by Mail:

You will be sent a catalog in early January. Mail the completed order form in the postage-paid envelope. Mail orders must be postmarked by the last day of each quarter.

Questions ?

You can call Firstline Medical customer service at 1-877-795-4521 or call Bridlewood at 858-753-1920

Can You Hear Me Now??

Thinking of a good Christmas gift for yourself or a loved one?
Why not get them a gift that keeps on giving … Great Hearing Aids at a great price!

north-county-audiologyBridlewood works with local health care service providers for certain things, where we have negotiated packages or discounts on behalf of our members. One such provider is Dr. Ken Podlenski, an audiologist located in Carmel Mountain Ranch. We have made arrangements with him to offer our members a special deal of great quality hearing aids, which includes follow-up visits and hearing tests for 3 years, at no additional cost. This package also includes insurance for 2 years if you lose a hearing aid (1 occurrence per ear, with a $250 replacement cost deductible). You will also be able to have the hearing aids fine-tuned until they work perfectly.

hearing-checkThis is a far better deal than getting your hearing aids from some outfits that make you take an online hearing test, and send them to you in the mail. Everybody’s hearing is different and hearing aids need to be fine tuned by a local professional.

I recommend Dr. Ken Podlenski, from North County Audiology for all your hearing aid needs. The cost for Bridlewood members to get hearing aids from Dr. Podlenski are:
     ↦ $799 per hearing aid (behind the ear style)
     ↦ $879 per power hearing aid (behind the ear style)
     ↦ $999 per custom hearing aid

If you are interested in a consultation with Dr. Podlenski, or scheduling an appointment for a hearing test, please call his office at (858) 674-1910.

Be sure to tell them you are a Bridlewood member, so you receive our special discounted pricing!