Why Consider Long Term Care Insurance?

Jeff Wetzel, president Bridlewood Insurance Services

When considering Long Term Care Insurance, let’s consider the odds. The odds of your house burning down 1 in 1200. The odds of an auto accident 1 in 240. Chance of a Long-Term Care Event 1 in 2. Given the option, would anyone risk not owning auto or homeowner’s insurance? And who would consider living for any length of time without health insurance? (more…)

Primary Care Doctors May No Longer Be Needed

Most primary care doctor’s days are busy. Seeing patient after patient, they try to provide the most patient-centric, evidence based care that they can. But with the new healthcare reform, doctors tell me that 80-85% of the patients they see can be seen by a nurse practitioner or a physician’s assistant. “So why did I train for an extra 3-4 years as a doctor, incur several hundred thousand dollars in debt, and go through years (more…)