Proposed Cuts Bad for Seniors !

One of the most common problems we try and work around is the cost of prescription drugs.


As most of you know, the prescription drugs are broken down to 5 different tier levels. Tier’s 1 & 2 are your generics. Tier’s 3 & 4 are your name brand drugs and Tier 5 is your specialty medicines. There are 3600+ medicines covered by United Healthcare in what is known as a formulary. It’s from this formulary we can look at your medicine and determine what Tier level and therefore determine your co-pay. All medicines come with in a family of drugs. For example, high blood pressure (more…)

Why Consider Long Term Care Insurance?

Jeff Wetzel, president Bridlewood Insurance Services

When considering Long Term Care Insurance, let’s consider the odds. The odds of your house burning down 1 in 1200. The odds of an auto accident 1 in 240. Chance of a Long-Term Care Event 1 in 2. Given the option, would anyone risk not owning auto or homeowner’s insurance? And who would consider living for any length of time without health insurance? (more…)