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Sandra Mullins


Lafayette, CO

CO Insurance Lic #65270

+1 (303) 667-2282

Medicare Made Easy

At Bridlewood Insurance, we pride ourselves on having the best trained, most knowledgeable, and caring agents. We have Two Unbreakable Rules . . . 1. ALWAYS do what is best for the client, EVERY TIME, and 2. ALWAYS follow Rule #1.

Bridlewood Agents can walk you through what Medicare is, the different parts of Medicare, and what your options are for supplemental insurance to take care of costs that Medicare doesn't cover. By going through the items that are important to you - who are your doctors, do you have specific health concerns you are dealing with, what prescription medications you are taking, do you travel or live in different areas of the state or country, etc. - our Agents can help educate you on all the various plans that are available so that you can confidently make the choice of the most appropriate plan to meet your needs and budget. And because the agent is compensated by the insurance company, our services are offered at no cost to you.

Why struggle with trying to weave your way through the complicated Medicare maze, when you could work with a Bridlewood Agent and have an agent for life. When you sign up for a plan with one of our agents, that is just the beginning of your relationship. You can count on your agent to keep in touch with you, assist with customer service issues and billing questions, get information on other services you may need, and much more.

Let Bridlewood help you on your Medicare journey!

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Verified Reviews for Sandra Mullins:

Turning 65 is something else. Tell you why, because before you turn 65 you get bomb barded with mail telling you you are going to turn 65 soon. So after tons of mail, I did receive one from Bridlewood Insurance agent Sandra Mullins. As I read through it, it seemed this is the information that I was honestly looking for, the more I read, the better it sounded. At the end of reading the flyer from Bridlewood, I saw Sandra Mullins name, plus I mentioned to myself, that I did like this flyer and it sure rang true. Wife and I did contact Sandra, we spoke on phone several times arranged a meeting at our house in Brighton, she came to our house prepared with all of her knowledge about Medicare and me turning 65. So with all that said, Sandra Mullins, her flyer, and her knowledge of people turning 65 is most excellent. So I am now set up and ready to turn 65 and approach Medicare with all the knowledge Sandra Mullins has given us. #shesureknowsherbusiness# Thanks, Donaldo V and Bernadette M
5 Donald Velasquez - September 27, 2021
A friend referred me to Sandra for help with my Medicare questions and she was SO helpful with getting me signed up right away. Sandra was both professional and extremely knowledgeable. She responded within a few hours with answers to my additional questions and I am confident she will continue to assist me along the way when needed. Thanks Sandra!
5 Dee Huddle - September 9, 2021
A few months before turning 65 I was in a very bad car accident. I was in the hospital and rehab for over 3 months. I had received Sandra's name from my financial advisor. She was a blessing in helping me make a transition from work force to retirement and Medicare. Sandra came to the hospital and explained things to me and I was relieved to have her helping me. Sandra made a couple of follow up calls to see how I was doing. At that time, she was recovering surgery. When I was finally able to come home she came over for a visit. I was so grateful that my advisor shared Sandra Mullin's information with me. Thank you for your great customer service Sandra.
5 Lana L Cozza - November 12, 2020
We used Sandra Mullins for our parents medical insurance needs. She was so helpful and professional. Sandra really cares about her clients, that’s evident! We will use her from now on. Thank you!
5 Lori Anastos - March 24, 2020
We used Sandra Mullins for my parents insurance needs. Sandra was awesome. She was so great in helping us choose the right options for my folks. She is caring and Professional, and you can tell she knows what she is talking about. We will use Sandra again for our future medical insurance needs. Thank you!
0 Lori Clanahan Anastos - March 24, 2020
Sandra did an excellent job of helping me select the best health insurance plan for my individual circumstances. I wouldn't call anyone else for my health insurance needs.
5 Sandra Mullins - February 15, 2020
Sandra Mullins was very knowledgeable and assisted me in navigating through the various plans to get the one best suited to my situation. She took time to answer all questions since making a decision can be confusing. The enrollment process went smoothly and I had no issues. I highly recommend her.
5 Ron M - February 15, 2020

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