Is it possible to get a Medicare Late Enrollment penalty removed?

If you don’t enroll in Medicare Part B or Part D when you are eligible, you may be hit with a late enrollment penalty. There are only a few circumstances in which the Part B or Part D penalty can be removed. If you received bad advice from the federal government, you might be able to get your penalty waived. If you were misadvised by your employer and human resources departments are not Medicare experts and often give out bad advice, you will likely NOT be able to get your penalty waived. If you are assessed a penalty, you may be able to get it waived if you qualify for Low-Income Subsidy.

There is an appeal process, but you will need very specific details about your situation or the bad advice the federal government gave you. Once you gather all your documentation, you can submit an equitable relief request to your local Social Security office. Social Security does not have a specific time limit in which they must respond to your request for equitable relief, so it may take a while. This can be a daunting process, so you may want your Medicare agent from %location_locationName% to assist you with the process.

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