What should I look for when choosing a Medicare licensed agent in %location_address_locality%?
Medicare is complicated, and what is right for you when it comes to choosing from the many coverage options may not be suitable for your neighbor. Each individual’s situation is unique, so choosing the right Medicare insurance agent is so important. It is imperative to select an agent who is well versed in all of the options available to you.
Here are the top 3 questions you should ask when selecting a Medicare insurance agent:
Are you licensed? Insurance agent licensing is the responsibility of each state’s Department of insurance. You can look up an agent on the state insurance department’s website to verify their license status.
Which insurance companies are you certified to sell? Every year Medicare agents must complete a Medicare certification course for each insurance company to sell their Medicare Advantage and Part-D drug plans. Certifications are not required to sell Medicare Supplement policies, but many carriers need agents to complete training specific to that product.
What percentage of your clients are Medicare? You want to work with an expert, not someone who dabbles in Medicare.

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