Open Enrollment Season

UnitedHealthcare Offers $200 Per Year in NEW OTC Benefits

Starting January 1, 2017, the UnitedHealthcare Sharp Plan and Plan 4, will be adding an Over-the-Counter benefit as part of your health plan.

Every quarter, you will receive $50 credit to spend anyway you want on OTC medications and products like bandages, pain relievers, cold medicine, toothpaste, vitamins and much, much more. You can order online or by phone, and they will ship your items right to your door. You should be receiving your catalog of all the available items you can purchase, sometime in early December. The trick is the $50 per quarter credit does NOT roll-over, so you either use it each quarter or you lose it.

This fantastic new benefit will ONLY be available to those on the zero premium Sharp Plan or the zero premium Plan 4 by UnitedHealthcare. If you are not on one of these two plans, and would like to receive this new $200 per year benefit, call our office and we will get you all setup.

As an added benefit, for those people who have the UnitedHealthcare Plan 4, they will now also have free transportation to and from your doctor’s office. You can use this benefit for 24 one-way trips, or 12 round trips.

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