Bridlewood Now Expanding Product Line

Bridlewood is pleased to announce our partnership with Life Answers Financial Group

LifeAnswers brings a combined 100 years of industry experience, next generation technology, along with a core group of top life insurance carriers for life insurance and annuity products for its members, for every stage of a customer’s financial needs.

Life Insurance: How many people enter retirement with little or no life insurance to cover expenses and replace income once a loved one has passed? How many folks have lost their life insurance once they came off their group coverage? We can help.

Annuities: The number one fear seniors have is outliving their money. An Annuity is a contract with an insurance company that can, guarantee Growth, guarantee Income and can guarantee No Loss of Principal when the market takes a downturn.

Critical Illness: If you are diagnosed with a qualifying cancer or illness, a policy provides a lump sum cash benefit payment that can be used to help pay for medical treatment, living expenses, or any other expenses you see encounter due to this illness.

Final Expense: Preparing for a funeral can be an exhausting burden for your family, but making sure you have the financial resource to cover the cost of a burial and funeral are extremely important for personal estate planning. Whether you’ve been to a funeral before or you’ve experienced the loss of a loved one, it is important to know that final expense insurance can be depended on to provide a financial safety net to cover these costs.

Why this is So Important:

“Hello Jeff, I want to thank you for all your help. I’m glad there are still people like you that are willing to go the extra mile to help someone. What I have lived through the past 10 months (since my husband went to heaven) has been rough but things are getting better. You never understand a person’s troubles until you have to face it your-self. The life insurance plans you did for us a few years ago has helped me tremendously, because of the unexpected expenses and the loss of Michael’s income. Every penny helps me these days, and I appreciate everything you did for us.”

Personal Note: Our customers are our “family” and we must protect them as we would our own. Since Bridlewood is the leader in Medicare insurance in San Diego, we have a moral responsibility to protect our “family” from whatever life throws at them.

Trump vs. Medicare

Should You Be Afraid of Huge Medicare Changes Under President Trump?

You’ve probably seen headlines warning that Republicans want to radically change Medicare. Potentially alarming words like “privatization” have been thrown around. Should you be afraid of major changes to Medicare now that President Trump is in the White House?

What’s being proposed

The most talked about GOP proposal to change Medicare is House Speaker Paul Ryan’s “A Better Way” plan. A key part of this plan is to roll back all of the Obamacare provisions related to Medicare. That effort is already under way.

One change sought by Ryan and other House Republicans include combining Medi-care Parts A and B and gradually increasing the Medicare retirement age from 65 to … (more…)